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About Digital Fractal

Digital Fractal Technologies has been offering specialized app development, digital transformation, and business automation consulting services for over 20 years.  Our clientele ranges from startups to government agencies, the energy sector to the delivery space.  We approach each project openly; enabling us to develop the most customized digital solutions available.  Our culture is rooted in continuous improvement, relentlessly pursuing the latest technologies, and deploying them into each project.

As a boutique software development company, we understand the importance of ensuring each and every client is satisfied.  Since we recognize the uniqueness of each business, we’re able to provide custom solutions to suit each client’s requirements.  We have championed multiple transitions from outdated legacy application software to intuitive software applications for our portfolio of renowned global clients.

Digital Fractal’s head office is in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with satellite offices in the USA, Tunisia and Vietnam.  We proudly support our customers around the clock for faster solution delivery.

Our Vision

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Customer Commitment Statement

Our customers are the lifeblood of our organization; our success depends on your success. That is why it is vital that Digital Fractal, as an organization, is continuously finding ways to better serve you. Our Customer Commitment Statement included below is organized around the three cornerstones of our customer centric approach of "Care”, which means we take our customers and their needs seriously, “Service delivery” which means we act upon our care by delivering top quality solutions in a timely manner, and “Innovation” which implies we continually improve our products and services, as we stay on the cutting edge of technological development.

Care - Our Clients Matter to Us

We take care of our clients. From initial consultation, to strategy, to deployment, we are with you each step of the way. Let’s develop something special that you can be proud of.

Service Delivery - Efficiency Is Key

We emphasize product quality and consistency in our operations, and strive to deliver all projects on time. We provide professional services with a clear, proactive and transparent approach to communication.

Innovation - Constant Training & Education

We align our business to the needs of our customers, and work in collaboration with them for ample delivery of service. We continuously train our employees on the latest technological solutions and tool sets to develop modern solutions; fostering an environment where any innovation which improves processes, efficiency, competitiveness or solution deployment is encouraged.

Efficiency is key

We believe in using the tools that best suit the task – passing on savings of both time and money to our clients.

Constant training and education

We work hard to stay up to date with new technology, innovations in the development process and trends in order to create relevant and current products.

App, Software & Web Applications

In our experience, we have seen everything from ASP.Net to Xamarin (Of course we couldn’t think of anything that started with a “Z”!) Currently we prefer working with Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python or .NET, depending on the nature of the project.

Locally owned and operated

Established in Edmonton – we are a small company with big talent. Our offices are accessible to our clients with a convenient south-side location and you can take pride in supporting local!

With an impeccable track record

servicing organizations and institutions across various industries, we are your one-stop shop for software development solutions. Contact us today and learn how we can transform your business through the power of digital.