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Truck Information Management App (TMS Systems)

There are a myriad of trucking apps available to help professionals with trip planning, traffic avoidance, weight management and inspections.  Do you have the next great transportation app idea?  We want to hear! Digital Fractal can develop a customized solution, regardless of whether you’re looking to develop apps for LTL trucking solutions, 3L transport apps, apps to manage operations with coil tubing, flushby, pipeline and well servicing, pressure trucks, combination trucks, tank cleaning trucks or vacuum trucks.

Case Study: Digital Fractal TMS

Digital Fractal TMS is a web-based data management platform for trucking companies with an iOS phone/tablet software and can be used by on-field and office employees to manage all forms of trucking management tasks and operations. The application encompasses and provides solutions for all facets of a trucking business, based on analytical inputs from extensive, long-term industry research and feedback.

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Standard features include:

  • Consolidate all documentations
  • Access all permits/licenses in one centralized place
  • Dispatch jobs and track progress in real-time
  • Capture timesheet information live from the field
  • Provide a work alone or journey management module
  • Ensure all documentation is valid and up to data
  • Communicate with your staff on a unified system
  • Manage vehicle information, track fuel card usage
  • Receive detailed reports for management 
  • Track profitability and accountability using KPIs

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