Digital Fractal

Our Services

Mobile App Development

We specialize in native and cross-platform mobile applications for Apple iOS and Google Android platforms. Majority of our solutions come with web dashboards utilizing push notification, location services, payment integration, reporting and more. We provide our clients with a blueprint that includes wireframes, feature sets, development costs / timelines, operational and maintenance costs. Our iterative development approach allows for micro steering and rapid feedback of the projects as they are being developed until the project meets clients intended output.

Digital Transformation

During a recent project we completed,  the end result was digitization of paper forms using our inhouse pdf forms app, automated certificate/permit management, computerized job dispatching, and digital timesheets, vehicle repair and communications to the field on an iPhone/iPad. The client is currently happy with over 300 trucks using the solution, saving them hundreds of thousands dollars in gained productivity. Their clients are happy with standard reports and tickets and complete paperwork and their employees are happy with the automation since they don't have to do manual work.

Software Consulting

Our consultants and in house developers are ready for any challenges your organization may face. Whether your idea or solution is still in the infancy phase or fully developed, we can work with you to compile a proposal and research the right technologies for your unique challenge. Our proposals are detailed and include research on the available technologies, implementation methodologies, development timeframes/cost, operational costs, risks and maintenance figures. Ask us about our requirement gathering service where we provide a detailed proposal, wireframes, process flow diagrams to better help your organization understand the scope of the solution you are seeking to develop and the budgets needed. We can also provide the implementation services as well if needed.

Mobile Apps, Software & Web Applications

We create systems from the ground up and/or integrate your current solutions and data warehouses into a modern custom command centre. We develop solutions for Apple iOS, Google Android platforms using native (Swift, Java/Kotlin) and cross platform technologies (Xamarin, Flutter, Ionic) to speed up development and reduce costs. Contact us to determine which solution best suits your needs.