Billboard Advertising Management System

Billboard Advertising Management System

DigiStreamView is a web based digital taxitop LED screen billboard management system designed for moving billboards that are installed on TaxiTops. The solution that we designed, consists of an electronic control box that would use GPS signals to send the server through a 3G connection. The embedded micro-controller would then display the downloaded image or video to the LED screen as send back playback times for billing.

All the electronics including elctrical circuits and control mechanism were custom designed for the purpose of interfacing with the P5 taxitop LED Screens.

Advertisers would be able upload their ads directly for approval through a map based web interface.

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  • LED Taxitop Screen Hardware and Software Systems

The web based system has the following capabilities:

  • Cloud based system
  • Full administrator management portal
  • Agency management portal
  • Advertiser management portal
  • Payment management (credit card payment), billing and invoicing
  • Map based interface to draw geo-fences and upload and schedule ads
  • Device management page to enrol and register control boxes
  • Track last location of the control box and view other information

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