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Forestry Management / Telemetry Apps

Does your state or provincial forestry department require an internal multi-platform mapping application? We can utilize cross platform technologies to deliver GIS-mapping based mobile applications for Android or iOS platforms, complete with a content management system to be accessed via web browser.

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  • API feeds for image recognition algorithms such as fire and smoke detection
  • Tanker level indicator and dashboards
  • Configurable IP camera footage capture
  • Still image captures on intervals
  • Convert image snapshots for each Cam to a high speed video
  • Capture weather information and trends for later processing
  • Convert weather and telemetry readings into dashboards
  • Create drag and drop camera grids that you can share
  • Asset management and display on a map
  • Cross platform internal mobile application for staff
  • Customizations and additional features

When choosing a Geographic Information System (GIS) app developer it is imperative to ask a few things:

Look no further, Digital Fractal Technologies has a 20 year track record of industry leading app development solutions.  Whether you are a part of a state or provincial parks organization, you’re an SME, or startup; our team will work with you to create the customized GIS mapping app you require. 

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