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Why Now is a Great Time to Build a Mobile App for Alberta Businesses?

By, digitalfractal
  • 17 Jul, 2020
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The Canadian energy minister Sonya Savage has recently made a controversial statement. “Now is a great time to be building a pipeline because you can’t have protests of more than 15 people,” said Sonya Savage. The statement was made in reference to the Trans Mountain pipeline project, which attracted controversies due to its environmental impact.

We cannot comment on whether it is a great time to build that pipeline. But being a digitization specialist, we can surely say that now is a great time to build a mobile app for Alberta businesses and make a shift towards digitization. A mobile app can help you kickstart your business, making it the best time to build one of yours.

What Makes Now a Great Time to Build a Mobile App for Alberta Businesses

Post lockdown where businesses are developing strategies to get back on track is a great time to build a mobile app for Alberta businesses.

To Maintain Social Distancing Through Online Services

Although Alberta is slowly getting back on track and restrictions on gathering have reduced, citizens still need to maintain social distancing to avoid any future harm. As a business, you need to ensure that your customers can leverage all your services while maintaining social distancing. This can be done with the help of a mobile app. With mobile apps, you can offer your services through online means. This will eliminate the need for your customers to walk into your store to get your services. For instance, with a delivery app, your customers can order your products and get them delivered at their doorsteps.

Mobile apps can also help manage client appointments to avoid gathering at your physical shop. For instance, the owner of a barbershop can leverage a booking management app to schedule appointments. This will ensure that there are only a few customers present in the barbershop at a time.

To Adapt Your Content According to Post Lockdown Needs

Charles Darwin, in his book The Origin of Species, wrote that due to natural selection, species that adapt to their changing environment have the best chances to survive. It’s time for businesses to adapt. The uncertainty caused due to Covid19 has changed user behaviour and their needs. Let’s say you are a finance company. Covid19 has financially impacted every person. Hence, your customers might want advice on how they can handle their finances.

Adapting to customer behaviour and needs requires flexibility. A mobile app can provide you with that flexibility. For instance, mobile apps can give you the flexibility to communicate with your clients round the clock. For instance, a yoga center will get the flexibility to provide live in-app classes instead of in-person classes. Whatever products or services are, it is time to build a mobile app for Alberta businesses to help them adapt to changing customers’ needs.

To Build Stronger post-COVID Relations

A fascinating side-effect of physical distancing is that more and more people are now turning towards their screens to stay updated and connected. Businesses can use this side-effect to their advantage with a mobile app. Mobile apps can have interactive user interfaces that can keep customers more engaged and entertained. Organizations can also keep their customers informed and create Covid-19 relevant awareness with mobile apps. For example, businesses can write and share more informative content. They can also boost their social media presence and attract more customers to build stronger relations. For instance, companies can use social commerce to convert a feed into a shopping window. This will not just help build strong relations, but also maintain their sales.

Also, a mobile app can help organizations send instant updates to their customers through push notifications. Companies can use these push notifications to send alerts and updates about their services and promotional offers.

To Put Safety Before Your Short Term Goals

Putting your employees’ and customers’ safety before your short term goals is critical post lockdown. Although this might not gain any quick profit, it is essential for long term benefits. And mobile apps can help you with that as well. For instance, as mentioned earlier, booking management apps can help maintain social distancing post lockdown.

Also, mobile apps with location-tracking capabilities can alert your employees and customers whenever they are within a specified range of others. For instance, when the range is set to 200 centimetres, a mobile app will alert users whenever that range is breached.

To Kickstart Your Business After Lockdown

Post lockdown, it is critical to retain customers and attract new ones at the same time. Both retaining existing customers and attracting new ones can be done through personalized services. But providing personalized services requires data. Mobile apps can help you gather the required data. Mobile apps can have third-party app integration, which can gather data existing on other apps for you. Also, it can ask permission for access to system applications that can help gather more data. With all the necessary data collected by mobile apps, businesses can provide personalized services to their customers.

Hence, post lockdown is the time to build a mobile app for Alberta businesses to get things rolling. Also, there are various other benefits of investing in a mobile app, along with the ones mentioned in this article. But building a mobile app is not that simple. There would be tens of questions arising in your mind. Whatever your question is, we can fill you in. Digital Fractal is a software development company that can help you build a mobile app for your business. Just speak what you need and get it done. Digital Fractal also provides consultation services. Hence Digital Fractal can not just help you in building a mobile app, but also help you evaluate your mobile development projects better. So why wait, contact us to build your dream app now.