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Chatbot for Your Website

Why You Need a Chatbot Application for Your Business Website

It has become a necessity for businesses to be highly responsive to customers to ensure customer retention and maintain brand reputation. However businesses can find that a human-only team of customer service agents to answer customer queries all day long can become infeasible. Hence, customer service teams are turning to automated solutions to overcome their human limitations. The most common of these solutions are chatbots, which are helping businesses through multiple interesting applications.

You can build a chatbot for your website to serve your customers. These chatbots can understand written and spoken communication and provide appropriate responses based on the queries. Whether integrated into a business website or an application, chatbots can enable businesses to reap several benefits.

Why You Should Have a Chatbot for Your Website

Building a chatbot for your website can offer multiple benefits that can enhance customer service and aid your digital marketing efforts through your website. Here are a few of them:

Real-Time Support

Unlike human customer service executives who cannot focus on every visitor on your website, chatbots can monitor website visits all day long. If a visitor on your website has some basic queries regarding your offerings or your business, your chatbots can answer them instantly. This will not only provide real-time support to prospective customers but also enhance engagement of existing customers because of reduced turnaround time.

Also, if a visitor on your website is interested in any product, then he or she can get all the relevant information about that product through your chatbots. Thus, chatbots can also partially play the role of a sales agent by assisting incoming leads with all the product specifications and other basic information they need. And if the viewer wants to buy a service or product from your website, then the chatbots can also assist in processing payments.

Proactive Communication

Traditionally, website visitors have had to fill contact forms and send it to the business email address to get additional information. But that has completely changed now with the emergence of chatbots. Now along with contact forms, potential customers can directly get detailed information about a company and its services by communicating with chatbots. And that’s not just it, chatbots can also become the first touchpoints for customer interaction on a website. They can proactively send a pop-up text to prospectors to start a communication, and then engage them to generate leads.

Personalized Services

Every customer would want to get personalized services based on their needs and preferences. And chatbots can help organizations provide these personalized services to their customers right from the very first interaction. Advanced chatbots can analyze based on the tone of text and terms used while communication, with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Chatbots can also provide real-time personalized recommendations to potential customers on the websites. For instance, in the case of eCommerce sites, chatbots can categorize customers based on their references, locations, demographics, and previous purchases. Then based on the categories, chatbots can provide customers with personalized suggestions.

Improved Engagement

Engagement is an important factor in retaining customers. And with the help of chatbots, improving engagement becomes a really simple task for companies. For instance, as mentioned earlier, smart AI-based chatbots can analyze viewers’ sentiments. And then, chatbots can interact with them according to their moods and sentiments to enhance engagement in interaction.

They can also engage potential customers by providing them with relevant information about any product or service. For instance, instead of just giving basic information about a software product, chatbots can give additional details about how a customer can use that software for their specific purposes. Thus chatbots can engage leads through multiple ways to convert them into paying customers.

Streamlined Data Collection

In today’s digitized world, data has become an integral part of every business. Companies can analyze data to get actionable insights that can enhance customer service, among several other benefits. But organizations need to collect data from reliable sources to get accurate analytics results. And chatbots can help them gather the most accurate data directly from customers.

Businesses can embed feedback forms into chatbot applications. Chatbots can request website visitors to fill feedback forms to collect their data. This data can be used by companies to perform analytics and generate useful insights.

Simplified Marketing

Social media platforms have a variety of communities and user groups. And access to these user groups can help businesses to reach out to targeted audiences and simplify the process of digital marketing. Companies can develop their brand’s chatbot on social media, such as a Facebook messenger bot. They can also build a chatbot on their website and integrate it with social media platforms. This enables organizations to reach an already established massive groups of users on social media platforms. And in addition to doing marketing, companies can also gather audience data from social media.

Increased Lead Generation

Increasing lead generation and converting them to sales is the ultimate objective for every business organization. Chatbots can help accelerate these processes for companies. Firstly, chatbots can proactively communicate with visitors on websites to generate leads. And secondly, chatbots can gather visitors’ information that can be used by businesses to send relevant push notifications. These push notifications will help companies to display all their products to potential customers.

Chatbots also assists in converting the generated leads into sales with constant follow up. They can themselves follow up on prospectors or alert sales personnel for the same from the time they visit your site till they make a purchase.

Having a chatbot for your website is no longer an option; it has become a necessity for businesses to cope with their competitors. And similar to having a chatbot for your website, having a custom software application has also become a necessity to boost your revenue. That’s because it provides various benefits like increased visibility, better brand recognition, and increased accessibility to get a competitive edge over others. If you want to build a chatbot for your website or custom software developers in Canada for your business, you can get in touch with Digital Fractal. We offer services for developing software applications, including chatbots, based on your business needs. We can also provide consulting services to assist you in evaluating your mobile development projects better.