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Construction Punchlist Management


Construction Punchlist Management

Still using pen and paper to capture construction deficiencies? Do you still use email or have to chase down people on the phone for answers and feedback from contractors? Are you struggling to make Excel work for your business management or are you tired of waiting for reports to be turned in?
You need the WalkThru App.

WalkThru is the app we have developed to solve these and many other problems in the construction industry.

Its a mobile app that allows contractors to:
  • View deficiency details
  • Photos, blueprints
  • Deadlines
  • Close outstanding tasks and automatically notify managers
Managers and superintendents can assign tasks to contractors and have access to a web based system to monitor status updates, reports and progression rates of the people on site. Additionally, WalkThru can generate reports of outstanding and upcoming tasks and easily send email reminders at intervals of your choosing. WalkThru keeps everyone on the same page in real time – whether you are working from the office, on the road or at a job site. Give WalkThru a try risk free and watch the inefficiencies disappear before your eyes and daily operations run smoothly.

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