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Digital Fractal developed a walking tour app for our Society that is exactly what we were hoping for and in our view better than any other walking tour app available. They were always extremely responsive to our questions and requests and worked closely with us to ensure the product met our needs while staying within budget. The content management system is particularly good and allows us to manage the app and create new walks on our own. 

Are you struggling with inefficiencies which is resulting in Lower Productivity & Lost Revenue?

Whether it be building a custom business application to streamline workflows, automating tedious and redundant tasks, building Business Intelligence dashboards to give executives and managers actionable insights, or empowering your brand and marketing team with a cutting-edge website - our team is at the ready to gather your business requirements and transform them into a highly optimized, digital solution.

Transforming Your Organization

Digital transformation means using the latest technologies to rethink old operating processes, make business more intelligent and agile, while also better responding to customer and market demands. In the age of rapid digitization, having a clear transformation strategy is vital to a business’s long-term growth and prosperity.

Clarity & Confidence

Businesses across all industries are eager to embark on their own digital transformation, but many of these initiatives don’t deliver on their promise. According to the consulting firm, McKinsey, over 70% of digital transformation projects fail to reach their goals.

Automation & Integrations

Many businesses are still saddled with legacy tools and out-of-date workflows, which put a great strain on business efficiency and productivity. A fundamental aspect of digital transformation is automating cumbersome, employee morale-killing processes and integrating these new workflows across your entire organization.

About Digital Fractal

Our founders have been in the software industry since the beginning of the internet, working for large and small companies and finding solutions to various complex problems. Together with our talented developers, we offer more than a quarter century of hands-on knowledge.

A customized approach based on your company’s unique architecture and strategy

Because each client has their own complex business challenges and goals that are very specific to their company, we encourage anyone who would like to learn more about our system automation and integration services to reach out and speak with our friendly experts.

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