Mobile App Development

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We specialize in Native and HTML5 based cross platform mobile applications and all the behind the scene technologies like web dashboards, push notification, social media integration and more.

Depending on your needs and budget we can use the correct technology to achieve our customers goals. Whether this means developing an app in iOS only or Android only, or using multiplatform technologies such as PhoneGap or Appcelerator Titanium, we have the knowledge to use the right tools for the right jobs.

Many mobile applications can run standalone but with the increasing connected nature of apps and data backends we will deliver the complete solution. The backend data management system that comes with the apps.

We have experience in designing apps for the following niches:

  • Mobile offline and online Mapping Apps using Google Maps, Apple Maps, Mapquest and OpenStreetMap offline maps
  • Restaurant discovery apps and user management systems
  • Location based mobile applications
  • Data driven news apps
  • Ecommerce mobile app (catalogue, invoicing, stock management)
  • Form based mobile application for data collection and upload/sync to servers
  • Mobile Health app using the health kit for iOS 8
  • Job search mobile apps and website backends
  • Field service and dispatch applications
  • Nutritional analysis app
  • Welding management and quality control ipad applications
  • Shop pipe management system
  • Mobile app games based on Unity3D
  • Children instructional and training apps
and more. We are a custom app design company and can design custom apps as per your requirements.

iPhone / iPad Mobile Apps

Are you looking at developing apps for your business, or maybe you have some ideas that you want to implement and sell on Apple’s App store? we have architects and programmers that can take your idea from concept to the final product within reasonable timeframes and cost.  We design both using RAD (rapid application development) frameworks that will cut down on development time (and cost) to using native code to design whatever you need to accomplish. Give us a call for your free consultation.


Android Mobile Apps

Does your company or yourself in need of taking an app idea to the android’s fast growing market place? again, we have the expertise needed to get any andriod app designed and approved on the Android marketplace. Android’s open source framework allows businesses to design and deploy apps to their customers for a low cost. No royalties, more flexibility and large and growing marketplace makes andriod apps a good choice for your product deployment. Give us a call for free consultation, to determine which platform is the best for your needs.


Blackberry / Windows Mobile Apps

We create enterprise ready applications for blackberry and windows phones. Blackberries are widley adopted in the corporate and industrial world as the defacto tool for email and calendar. Give us a call for all your blackberry or windows mobile app needs and to get a custom quote. You will deal with local experts, and responsive support staff.