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We love working with data driven business applications. Whether using location based mobile apps to deliver firefighters to remote assets, helping replace paper based systems with tablet based data capture apps or helping hardware and software communicate with each other - we have the talent and manpower to bring your idea to life. Our skill-sets include native Android and iOS development, HTML5 cross platform apps, database design, back-end website programming and even hardware/software prototyping. Want to talk about your mobile strategy? Call us at 780-669-0944.
Native iOS & Android Cross Platform HTML5

We have been in the software industry since 1999 - from that moment on, we have been finding solutions to various day to day issues and complex business problems. We stay up to date with technology innovations and trends to help us choose what fits your needs. We believe in using the right tool for the job; taking in consideration the client’s needs, timeline, budget and the end user experience. With our vast background in web application development, mobile application development, desktop system and microprocessor platforms – we take pride in the ability to build and customize each project to ensure it becomes the right tool for the job.

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