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Here’s What to Know Before Creating an App for Your Business

By, digitalfractal
  • 21 Oct, 2020
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Today, every business seems to be fighting for screen space online. It is understandable; on average, people spend two hours and 22 minutes on their phone or 47 minutes on their tablet. People are more mobile than ever, giving app developers more opportunities to create products that serve more customers. However, this is not a decision to take lightly. Here are things to remember if you want to get a mobile app for your business.

What Is the Purpose of This App?

The most vital questions are often basic ones. If your only reason to get an app is to be “in” on the trend, it’s time to reconsider getting it. For example, if you have a plumbing business, you probably don’t have plenty of clients asking you to go to the App Store. However, don’t dismiss it entirely. A genuinely useful app for an industry not known to use technology could put you a cut above your competitors.

Get clear on the value your app brings and what it does for your customers. If you can’t provide answers for these, you should go back to the drawing board and reflect on them more.

Does the App Fit into Your Existing Tech Strategy?

You do not pursue mobile app development in a vacuum, and you probably already have systems of other programs and apps running your operations. Your mobile app will have to make sense within this ecosystem. Perhaps you could use your current APIs or mirror a critical web or desktop application you already use. Think of how this new tech complements your existing ones.

Do You Know What Competitors Are Doing?

Search for key terms for your business on Google Play or the App Store. What are the features of the results with the closest fit? Check their reviews, see what users are raving about, and note recurring issues with the others’ apps. When you’re entering a new market, it’s good to learn not just the competitor’s strengths but also their mistakes. When you do, it will be easier to flesh out your concept.

Have You Considered PWAs For Your Business?

Progressive web apps or PWAs deliver functionalities of native apps but through the web browser. Users can go straight to the website with this kind of app instead of downloading it on the Google Play or App Store. Its design lets it function offline, and it runs within an app shell.

This design lets it access device orientation, geolocation, and other native features. An excellent quality of progressive web apps is that they are easy to index. Since PWAs are part of your website, you can leverage your SEO and maximize your traffic with them. 

Your history and the rankings of your existing websites contribute to your app’s prominence, and you don’t need to establish it independently on Google Play or the App Store. This hybrid app works on different form factors and mobile apps, and the cost will be much lower than what you would spend on a native app.


Developing apps for businesses requires a clear vision and purpose for the product. It’s impractical to pursue it without knowing exactly how it helps clients and customers. When making an app for your business, think of what competitors are doing and improve on those—team up with a design firm that helps you articulate your vision in the best way possible.

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