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The Mobile App Development Process

  1. Ideation

Ideas are brainstormed for a mobile app that is suitable for the business before moving into the development phase.

  1. Market Research

The business! target audience and demographic are analyzed to maximize the benefits of the mobile app.

  1. Discussion

The ideas are discussed with other teams like management, marketing, legal, sales, etc

  1. Establishing Mobile App Goals 

Advanced analysis of how the app will solve the customer’s problems, what features it will use, and its core appeal.

  1. Design and Storyboard 

Development Wireframing and storyboarding are used to see how the app will look and develop app interactions and navigation

  1. Defining Backend of the App 

The backend structures like APIs, data diagrams, servers, data integration, etc. will be defined using the appropriate platform

  1. Wireframe Prototype Test

The app’s wireframe is tested using various prototyping tools to improve functionality and ease of use.

  1. Actual App Development

The wireframe or storyboard is now developed using an app development platform; this is the coding phase to build the app.

  1. App Prototype Test

The complete app enters into a testing phase to sniff out any bugs, issues, and technical flaws, and feedback is used to improve the app.

  1. Launch Preparation

The app is promoted on various platforms like blogs, social media, SEO landing pages, etc, to build awareness and hype about the app.

  1. Official Release

Post-marketing, the app is finally released to the target audience, and downloads and ratings are generated to build some momentum

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