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5 Critical Steps to Developing a Logistics Mobile App For Your Freight Business

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  • 23 Feb, 2021
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The logistics industry is a thriving space that is constantly on the move, especially when social distancing restrictions are still in practice worldwide. Transportation of goods is a critical component in keeping sales and profits flowing for businesses involved in the production, shipment, and distribution of physical goods. 


Unfortunately, professionals in different fields tend to run into a bottleneck when it comes to logistics management, juggling the load board between departments like the warehouse, fleet, and delivery. 


To bridge the gap between these segments, why not save the guesswork on the road by streamlining all departments using a logistics mobile app? It’s a scalable, on-demand solution that allows you to stay on top of the routes, shipment details, and more all in one virtual roof, providing complete control and transparency with your daily operations. 

A Sneak Peek Behind the Logistics App Development Process


Step #1: Choose the Appropriate Logistics App that Suits Your Needs


There are various working parts under logistics, so it’s crucial to choose the right segments and features list that would best serve your business – be it an app that focuses on inbound logistics, outbound logistics, and more. 

Step #2: Explain Your Business Needs and Sign an NDA Form

Before you send the complete details of your operations, keep in mind that you’ll be sharing sensitive information regarding your company, so be sure to sign an NDA first before you agree to share more in-depth insights about your business needs. 

Doing so should help prospective logistics app developers determine the best features that work for their end-users and reveal a rough estimate of the total expenses to consider for building your app. 

Once you receive the estimate, which should involve the timeframe, technologies, team composition, and hourly wages, you can start to compare the best rates that fit your bill.

Step #3: Jumpstart on Your Discovery Phase 

Once you choose the right app development company, you’ll be spending the next two to three months closely unravelling all your concerns and project goals for the logistics app. This should involve discussions on the functionality, who your end-users will be, how they will interact with the app, and other details to colour the outline of your project. 

This is one of the most critical stages since it sets the foundation of your app development and paves the way for your app’s prototype. 

Step #4: Build Your App’s Minimum Variable Product (MVP)

The prototype will heavily focus on the essential features you need to get the ball rolling, so the next phase will be all about developing the app’s MVP version. 

Step #5: Launch Your App in All Its Feature-Rich Glory 

Now that you have a clear idea of how your MVP app functions, you have more room to decide on the best features to empower your logistics app. This stage is where you can fine-tune your app and include additional functions like built-in messaging, digitized documentation, changeable shipping order status, logistics optimization software, real-time inspections submissions, and more. 

The Bottom Line: Streamlining Your Logistics for Better End-to-End Fleet Management 

Logistics and transportation connect industries and make the world go around, making them key sectors in keeping the supply chain healthy in different parts of the globe. It’s a fast-moving landscape that demands technology to boost your operations, and using a mobile app to keep you on track should remove any inefficiencies in your business performance. 

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