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You have tried to organize your jobs through email, text messages or even sticky notes. Critical information is getting overlooked or forgotten and worse yet, the process is not consistent. You want to grow as an organization but your current way of working is not making that easy. It seems like each day is getting more hectic no matter what you try.
The value of your time that is put towards trying to organize your workflow is so important. Think about the hourly rate of your employees in the field. If they had a simple tool that saved even 1% of their time each month it would add up significantly for your business. Imagine the time you will save if you had an easy process that your daily workflow goes through each day. Something that captures all the right information and ensure nothing gets overlooked.
If your company is tired of old school paper work and chasing around clients and employees for information, then it is time for a change. We will help you create a consistent process that will save you hours in your week and countless headaches trying to track people down. We have been building software for the oil and gas industry for over 15 years. We can assure you that implementing innovative technology will give you a leg up on your competition. Lastly, streamlining your workflow will position your business to grow revenue faster.
One of our clients has over 300 field employees they needed to manage, dispatch and capture paperwork. It was a logistic nightmare that they were trying to manage.
When they began to use our solution, their efficiency went through the roof. Paperwork was submitted to the cloud right from the field, and task reminders were automated to keep things moving forward. Our client is now well positioned to take on even larger projects and more employees because they have a system and a process to do so.

Here is what our solution can do to
help your business:

  • Digital Forms: Uploaded immediately (Time & GPS stamped)
  • Project Despatching: GPS quadrants and request for information
  • Fleet Management: *Track service reminders, GPS locations
  • Crew Schedules: Lay out the timelines for projects
  • Digital Time-Sheets: Crew and employees
  • Announcements: Communicate with the crews
You can either continue down the same path of trying to organize all the complex moving pieces of your business or you can choose something different. Setup a call or live demo, we will show you how much time and stress we can save you.

Mobile Apps, Software & Web Applications

Since 1999 we have been developing solutions for various industries using the latest mobile application development stacks as well as various web applications technologies. We create systems from the ground up and/or integrate your current solutions and data warehouses into a modern custom command centre.