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Must-have Features for Your Custom Sales App

By, digitalfractal
  • 11 Jun, 2020
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Businesses across sectors are undergoing digital transformation in many of their departments. This transformation is not only brought about by implementing digital technologies at the workplace but also by replacing outdated technologies with the latest ones or by upgrading the already available technological solutions. For example, many organizations are replacing their standard Excel program with customized CRM solutions. Another step in this direction is mobility through mobile apps. The digital transformation process is being accelerated with the implementation of mobile solutions as iOS and Android mobile apps, as it has made it easy to access bleeding-edge technologies in the palm of your hand. 

Of the many departments in your business, you should give the sales department as much attention as you would give others. Why? Because the sales department is one of the key areas for any business, and it is what keeps the cash flowing in your business. When you’re looking to implement android mobile apps or apps on any other platforms, you should opt for customized apps as they are developed specifically for your business operations. But, when opting for customized solutions, you must ensure that there are certain key features that your mobile app definitely has. Here’s a look at the must-have features you should have in your custom sales app.


One of the most important features you should look for in your custom sales app is its usability. The app should have a clean user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Your sales team might have individuals from different backgrounds with varying levels of technical expertise. Thus, not every salesperson might be able to use the app if the user interface is complicated. You might have to spend time, money, and resources to train individuals, and even then, employees might find it difficult to use the sales app. Thus, when opting for a customized sales app, ensure that the app is simple to use and enables your employees to complete their tasks in the shortest and easiest possible manner.


Your sales app should have geolocation capabilities. Your sales teams are always on the field and tracking individual employees constantly can become tedious and non-feasible. However, with geolocation, you can easily track the movements of your employees. Every smartphone today has GPS capabilities that can help track the location of the individual and your sales app can leverage this technology for employee-tracking. It helps bring transparency as the app will show the real-time location of the employees accurately and ensures that your employees are at the designated location.


Security should be of paramount importance in a sales app. You must ensure that the data about your customers and employees are safeguarded from cyberattacks, and the data always remains confidential. The data should not be accessible to anyone outside of the organization. Here are a few ways you can ensure security for your sales iOS or Android mobile apps.

  • Biometric logins for accessing the app
  • Data encryption
  • Device information attached to the app for individual employees
  • Constant software updates improving security
  • Automatic background updates that don’t interfere with the working of the app
  • Data recovery capabilities
  • Secure cloud services for storing data online

Offline Capabilities

It is not necessary that salespersons will have an internet connection every location they visit. However, this should be a barrier for the salesperson to update data in the app. Therefore, you must ensure that your sales app can be used in a regular manner, even if it has no access to the internet. Many business apps, such as Google’s G-suite, have offline functionality that syncs the data once the app has access to the internet. Google provides offline support for desktop, iOS and Android mobile apps that allow their users to work with or without an internet connection. Similarly, you must ensure that your sales app has the capability to work offline to enable salespersons to use the app uninterrupted.

Multi-platform Support

In today’s day and age, there is a multitude of mobile operating systems available for the consumer. According to the financial condition of the individual or their personal preferences, people opt for either Android, iOS or Blackberry devices. Depending on your financial situation, you might not be able to provide your employees with mobile devices that run on a single mobile operating system. You might have to rely on personal devices of your employees to use your sales app. And it is a high probability that your employees will have mobile devices running different operating systems. Thus, your sales app should be able to run on Android, iOS and Blackberry devices. The app should have the same look, feel, and user interface across operating systems. Thus, if an employee switches his mobile device with a different OS, he should be able to use the sales app as before. So, instead of deciding between iOS and or Android mobile apps, we advise you to have the app developed for all the major mobile operating platforms.

Statistics Dashboard

Your sales app should have a statistics dashboard that enables you to monitor KPIs in real-time. Real-time monitoring helps in streamlining your sales processes. It helps with budget allocation, goal tracking, and decision making, to name a few. Some of the KPIs that your dashboard should include are

  • KPIs for individual salespersons, companies, and customers
  • The top-performing salespersons in a particular period
  • The ability to track goals on a daily basis that can improve decision making based on the statistics
  • Easily identify low-performing salespersons to improve their performance through training

These above-mentioned features ensure that your customized sales app provides valuable results and is not a gimmicky product. The availability of these features helps you monitor your sales team and operations efficiently and ensures that you achieve every sales goal. To get customized sales iOS, Blackberry or Android mobile apps for your organization, you can contact us.