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3 Ways the IoT Has Changed the App Development Industry

By, digitalfractal
  • 22 Dec, 2020
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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been called the future of mobile app development, having become an integral aspect of app development in 2020. It is just one of the many innovations that are set to revolutionize the way users interact with both the internet and each other. 

What is IoT?

IoT technology is a method of collecting data through a network of high-end sensors, with information compiled from people and machines alike. It is an ecosystem of multiple devices that share data with each other to enhance the efficiency of their functions and to address user demands more intuitively. It is now the norm and for businesses nowadays, as this can not only improve the user experience but inform future strategies.

This has resulted in IoT affecting app development in a number of ways, some of which we will explore in this article. Read on to learn more about how this technology has impacted the industry.

1) More Widespread Hybrid App Development

Most mobile apps are designed to work on specified platforms, which can hinder the proper use of IoT. However, more and more hybrid apps—which are usable and applicable to a number of platforms—are being developed every day. It has opened the doors for the development of heightened UX through the leveraging of IoT networks. 

Apps like Facebook, Uber, Instagram, and so on have focused their efforts on a hybridized approach. The beauty of this is that it has opened up the possibility of offering a wide range of services in a single go. It has also reduced the difficulty of gathering data from multiple platforms.

2) Better Open Source Development

Open source development has gone hand-in-hand with IoT technology, as many players in mobile app development have shared their own apps openly. This has resulted in the convenient sharing and building of other apps while allowing the use of varied techniques in a wide array of fields. 

The demand for open source development has increased in the last decade, helping even the littlest apps to become competitive with larger developers. IoT has only helped this by allowing businesses and developers alike to seamlessly interact and collaborate with each other.

3) More Varied App Development

IoT is a fairly new technology, but it has already ushered in new advantages in app development. It has led to smaller players creating their platforms due to a scarcity of IoT-compatible platforms in their field. 

More and more niche platforms and apps are expected to enter the market, ensuring that something new is offered to consumers in all industries. This increased diversification of data can only improve multi-platform interaction on many different levels. Needs that have always gone unmet are likely to be addressed at one point in the future. 

Final Thoughts

Hundreds—if not thousands—of apps are being developed every day. IoT is just one of the technologies at play in the field, but it is one of the leading trends. As such, it is important that it remain a consideration should you choose to have an app developed for your business in the future. 

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