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6 Innovative Ways To Improve The Value Of Your Push Notification

By, digitalfractal
  • 18 Sep, 2023
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1. Personalize

Personalizing your messages gives an instant 4% lift. Be clear about who your target demographic is and send out clear CTAS accordingly.

2. Be Time Sensitive

Schedule messages based on the time zone of your customers. A push message sent at a reasonable time will get more interaction and client love than one sent at odd hours.

3. Study User Behaviour

Several market studies reveal what happy hours are. Track open rates and other vital metrics to arrive at the best time to send out Messages.

4. Say it with an Emoji

A study by Moving Ink states that emojis improve open rates by 45%. Emojis strike an instant connection and make your marketing efforts look more fun and relatable.

5. Provide a Clear Value Proposition

A welcome message that clearly states the value of opting in for push notifications is better. Give a discount, an exclusive offer, or a ‘for you’ only sneak peek in the first push message itself.

6. Use Topical Push Messages

Include hashtags or align your push with what’s hot online so that it drives up open and increases engagement rates

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