Projects Overview

One of our Governmental customers, managed all their water treatment plant facility training, utilizing conventional methods such as booklets and manuals. Most of the operators at their sites, required a simplified training program and a guided system. In order to maintain and operate the various systems and perform testing and maintenance of scientific processes: various daily, weekly, monthly procedures needed to be followed that were in the form of documents, binders. This proved to be an ineffective way of providing the required information for the operators to follow, due to the lengthy content provided in these manuals that the operators had difficulty following. The engineering team at the maintenance services sought to design a mobile application that would make this task easier and and make material more accessible.

The Solution

Utilizing our years of experience in mobile application development, we developed an easy to use mobile application that contained searchable, brief step by step instructions that included photos of the exact steps the operators needed to take to perform their job. The mobile application required a content management system to allow for uploading of procedures in the form of text, photos, attachment and basic dosage calculation engines to allow the operators to look up procedures that needed to be followed for their daily, weekly, monthly checks and test. The application worked on tablets and phones (iOS and Android), as well as be available when there was no internet connection available.

Working Process

Step 01


Requirement gathering, architecture design, gathering of raw data, forms and formulas, design a wire frame

Step 02


Develop a CMS and Flutter based cross platform application, test it internally and receive feedback.

Step 03


Production testing, release app to the app store, provide support and maintenance.


Digital Fractal worked with a governmental organization to develop a handheld based e-training app, that would replace large manuals that are rarely used and not always available. The maintenance team required an app that would be updated and maintained through a CMS and would provide only the needed information, procedures, manuals, processes and formulas that water treatment plant operators would need including maintenance schedules.

  • Client:
    Governmental Organization
  • Location:
    Northern Canada
  • Project Type:
    Mobile App
  • Duration:
    9 Month

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