You may be interested in developing a customized smart home app.  Current trends in the smart home app space include voice assistant integration, air quality monitoring, leak detection, energy consumption monitoring, all in one systems, and temperature monitoring.  We can assist whether you are looking for an app that integrates with the apple homekitsmartthings app, google home compatible devices, or the samsung smart home app.  We are here to provide a confidential, hassle-free consultation to understand your requirements and provide a detailed proposal.  Let’s take your smart home app concept from dream to reality!

Case Study: Self-Serve Showhomes

We developed a proprietary self-showing home automation app for a large home builder.  Our mission was to help the clients’ salesforce conduct more showings per day by taking advantage of advances made in the home automation realm. Various hardware solutions exist in the marketplace with many homeowners adopting them such as wifi door locks, door bells, and cameras. Our engineers were able to piece together this set of hardware into a web application console that would allow a home builder to remotely control access to their show home, manage appointments and maintain recordings.

Each salesperson is able to communicate with the client through a proprietary, standalone TV application, which enables the sales person to perform video conference meetings with up to 4 additional participants while sharing presentations and talking with the prospective client in real time.

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