Contractor Apps are becoming more and more prevalent as businesses look to automate operations as much as possible.  Digital Fractal offers fully-customized, bespoke solutions whether for a construction app, home building app, punch list app, construction design app, or a contractor estimate app.  When partnering with an app developer you must ensure they are experienced, proficient and most importantly they fully understand the process you are looking to automate.   Our team consists of construction subject matter experts and  seasoned software developers which approach each situation with a blank canvas, ensuring your app is tailor-made to the final feature.

Punchlist Apps

Case Study: WalkThru App

The WalkThru App was customly developed to automate the process of capturing construction deficiencies, contacting leads, and completing construction reports.  This punch list app helps contractors secure more projects, and complete them more efficiently by streamlining once mundane and redundant tasks.

Its a mobile app that allows contractors to:

  • View deficiency details and blueprints
  • Upload and annotate photos 
  • Set deadlines and watchers
  • Receive updates from contacts
  • Close outstanding tasks 
  • Automatically notify managers
  • Remind users of outstanding tasks
  • Generate reports

Turn your paper forms into smart PDF documents fillable from a tablet or a phone.

Its a mobile app that allows contractors to:

  • Insert photos into documents
  • Take signatures
  • Calendar and time fields
  • Perform automatic calculations based on other fields
  • Execute custom functions
  • Extract data from forms and visualize results

Case Study: Chameleon Forms App

The Chameleon Forms App is one of the best apps for builders, period.  It is a solid replacement to excel, and focuses on offering report and form creation for contractors.  Every company has various reporting and data entry requirements. This construction app provides the same format as your current paper forms, but digitized.   In the end, app users save on paper printing costs, data entry, scanning, storage and administration. Get the forms and reports you need directly to a central server, share data and visualize your data to make proper decisions.

This construction app case study showcases our ability to develop apps with specific workflows, dashboards, reports and visuals.  No two construction companies are the same, so why should two contractor apps be the same? Realize the Digital Fractal difference by contacting our construction app development team today. Chameleon Forms is a customized app that mimics each user’s internal processes.

Case Study: IMAPS ERP

The IMAPS ERP is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) model with complete customization. This enterprise resource planning (ERP) system helps users avoid costly mistakes, catch estimating errors and most importantly save millions of dollars on projects. Take advantage of AI based progressing/forecasting, estimation and cost control. IMAPS-ERP is designed with a project management system which feeds the financial system module.

A program which takes the activities of most corporations and aligns them to provide strategic, managerial and financial intelligence.

Its a mobile app that allows contractors to:

  • Progressing & forecasting
  • Estimation and budgeting
  • Project costing
  • Document management
  • Change management
  • Punch-list & issue management
  • Payroll and timesheets
  • Equipment tracking
  • Cost codes
  • FIWPs

The implementation of this construction ERP is easy, user friendly, swift and cost efficient. Switch your focus from daily tasks to a strategic business intelligence model. Implemented in weeks with no impact to current systems.  IMAPS Construction ERP systems cost millions of dollars to companies from IT architectural design to implementation and maintenance. The return on investment would not be the same for SMEs that require a tool that provides traceability as well as management capabilities. IMAPS Construction ERP provides its users with the tools and intelligence of top competitors, but at a fraction of the cost of implementation.

With an impeccable track record servicing organizations and institutions across various industries, we are your one-stop shop for software development solutions. Contact us today and learn how we can transform your business through the power of digital.