Business Case

Umay is a company that produces a thermal eye recovery tool called Umay Rest that solves the dry eye problem.

In mid 2022, Digital Fractal was approached by Umay to help reengineer their existing cross platform apps which was in proof of concept mode. Umay hardware is used and distributed by hundreds of optometrists in Canada.

The Solution

Digital Fractal performed a code audit and review, provided a report for the state of the code and made recommendations to fix issues. We then developed a cross platform Flutter mobile app that utilizes BLE capabilities to connect, control and monitor Umay Rest.

Key Modules

▪BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy ) communication

▪Real-time data transmission

▪Nordic Device Firmware Update (DFU)

▪Apple health kit and google health compatibility

▪Reporting and Analysis


Working Process

Step 01


Audit code structure, quality and adherence to standards and develop a findings report.

Step 02


Re-engineer major modules using development standards.

Step 03

Open Look Testing

Integrated software with performance monitoring components to user interactions and app health


Digital Fractal was engaged with our customer over a 12 month period to upgrade the mobile application ensuring adherence to the latest programming methodologies, components and performance. In addition, we further developed features for the iOS and Android apps and provided guidance on feasibility of integrating Apple and Google Health Kits.

  • Client:
  • Location:
    Alberta, Canada
  • Project Type:
  • Duration:
    12 Months

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