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Wow Your Clients With A Mobile Walking Tour!

Clients With A Mobile Walking Tour

If you own a smartphone, chances are you’ve used Google Maps for navigation. But it’s not useful in all scenarios. Google Maps may help you navigate to a destination, but it cannot help you navigate within that destination. For instance, it can help you reach an exhibition venue, but it cannot assist you in navigating that venue. So you will have to reach out to a volunteer to ask them the way to a specific exhibition stand at the event. And the same issue, obviously also arises for everyone visiting your business premises or events. That’s where Digital Fractal’s mobile walking tour app comes into the picture.

Digital Fractal’s mobile walking tour app allows an organization or an individual to upload their own walking tours that can be seen by their clients, offering benefits like:   

Customized Tour at Events

The location of events changes every time according to the availability of venues. And with each different venue, mapping of exhibition stalls changes for an event. Enabling visitors to navigate at different venues becomes challenging for event organizers. They either have to invest in hiring volunteers for navigational support or let visitors roam around and help themselves. But both solutions are not ideal for an event organizer. That’s exactly where a walking tour app’s customization feature comes in handy. An ideal walking tour app includes a Content Management System (CMS) that allows organizers to upload their customized content. It has never been so easy to create and upload customized walking tours. All an organizer needs to do is plan their tour, customize it as required, and upload it. That’s all that needs to be done, and their new walking tour will be live on their application. Customized tour features also make it possible to upload real-time updates for every tour.

Imagine visitors coming to an event knowing exactly where to head to find the brand or business they want to reach. With Digital Fractal’s customized mobile walking tour app, this imagination becomes a reality. 

Brief Intro of Stops

Along with a content management system, a walking tour app allows businesses to create multiple stops within a tour. Business administrators can provide a brief introduction about every stop. The introduction can be anything and everything that an organization wants its users to know. For instance, it can have the name, historical information, and relevant links for a stop. The introduction can also include some interesting facts about a spot, which can increase the curiosity of the user. For example, the administrators of a university can include information about the books users can find inside a library. Having an introduction to every spot makes a walking tour more engaging.

Multilingual Audio for Travelers

People travel globally for their own reasons. Some might travel for business, while others for vacations. One of the biggest challenges faced by travelers and travel agencies is the language barrier. According to a study, the language barrier is a major concern for international business travelers. Speaking about travel agencies, they have to spend a lot more money on tourist guides who, along with their native language can also speak and understand other languages.

Walking tour apps can help travel agencies to overcome the language barrier. Most walking tour apps support audio tours. Travel agencies can simply upload all the information about a tourist destination in multiple languages. Having an introduction in their choice of language makes travelers feel at home. It also enhances customer loyalty as multilingual support ensures that travelers come back to the same travel agency for future journeys.

Offline Tour in Museums

A person can easily use GPS for navigation in open spaces. But what about confined places with connectivity issues? For instance, museums and historical places might not have strong internet connectivity for GPS to function. Places like forts and aquariums are also sometimes built underground, and there is no network connection available at such places. Digital Fractal’s mobile walking tour app can, however, operate without a network connection. It doesn’t matter whether the users have an internet connection or not, they can enjoy an uninterrupted walking tour.

Customized Check-in for Shoppers

Mobile apps are already reshaping the e-commerce industry in more ways than one. For instance, these apps can enhance customer loyalty, user engagement, and conversion rates. And now it’s turn for offline retailers to leverage mobile apps. The check-in feature of Digital Fractal’s mobile walking tour app has the potential to reshape offline retail. For instance, if a person visits a mall for shopping, then a walking tour app will display all the shops in the mall as stops. The app will further check mark all the shops that the customer visits. Therefore, the app helps shoppers know all the shops that are left to visit. It also allows users to share their location with others. And this allows the users of this app to let the other members of their group know the shop they are currently shopping in.

Although building a mobile walking tour is not rocket science, it requires appropriate guidance for planning the tour. But planning your walking tour should not be hard as we are here to handle all the arduous stuff for you and help you with every step on the way. Digital Fractal’s mobile walking tour includes all the features mentioned above and many more, like social media sharing, tour builder, and driving directions. And if that’s not enough, we also offer to add custom- made features designed as per your needs — just let us know what you want, and we will make it happen. So why wait, when creating and deploying a mobile walking tour app is this easy! Contact us and create yours now.