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What Happens if You Don’t Have a Mobile App Maintenance Contract?

Mobile App Development

Business leaders spend a major chunk of their budget on mobile app development projects. With such apps, businesses aim to deliver a robust mobile app experience for their customers and generate revenue. However, some businesses might make a major mistake of not planning for mobile app maintenance. A poorly maintained app can severely affect your user retention, which can lead to a significant revenue loss. To avoid such mistakes, you need to create a mobile app maintenance strategy. And, every app maintenance strategy is incomplete without a mobile app maintenance contract.

Mobile app development firms in Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, and all over Canada offer a mobile app maintenance contract that streamlines maintenance operations and deals with all app maintenance technicalities. Without a mobile app maintenance contract, your mobile app can face multiple issues.

Lack of app monitoring

After releasing a mobile app, you need to monitor your app for bugs and performance issues. End-users may discover bugs that are undiscovered during mobile app development and testing. These bugs can cause inconvenience to a user and lead to deteriorating user experience. To identify and troubleshoot such bugs, regular app monitoring is a necessity.

Another key aspect of app monitoring is performance monitoring. In performance monitoring, crucial performance factors such as loading time and responsiveness are measured. Failing to do so, a mobile app that is incompatible with the latest mobile operating systems or is working on a smartphone with low RAM and processing power may lead to lags. Hence, optimizing app performance is a crucial task of the app maintenance process.

Inconsistent user interface

Mobile app development firms have to be mindful while designing a mobile app for Android as well as iOS. These mobile operating systems have their own unique layout and navigation elements that may change after a major update. Hence, developers need to design a mobile app that follows the design language of the native OS to maintain consistency.

Multiple smartphone manufacturers have introduced unique screen resolutions and displays that have a notch or a hole-punch for a front-facing camera. Also, manufacturers are now releasing devices with foldable displays that have a multiple screen layout. However, innovative display designs make mobile app development even more complicated. App developers have to ensure that their app is compatible with all available screen layouts, sizes, and resolutions in the market.

Reduced financial benefits

A poorly maintained mobile app may result in an unsatisfactory app experience, leading to a large number of uninstalls. If end-users stop using a mobile app, businesses may lose their revenue. Hence, businesses may receive a reduced return on investment for their mobile app development project. Therefore, reducing expenses on mobile app maintenance can result in low financial benefits for a business.

Issues with licensing

Generally, mobile apps are developed using licensed technologies and these licenses and certifications need to be renewed at regular intervals. Hence, a fair amount of research about these licenses is necessary while creating a strategy for your mobile app development project. Such research will help you estimate the cost of license renewal. In case the license of a mobile app expires, the app may stop functioning and alert the users with a message saying, “Developer’s license has expired.” This usability issue can affect user experience and the reputation of a business. Hence, license renewal is a major aspect of app maintenance and can be increasingly complicated without a mobile app maintenance contract.

Irregular updates

Regular updates are necessary for adding new features and improving the core functionality of your app. App analytics gathered during maintenance can help you understand which features are frequently used by your users and which ones they think are irrelevant. Also, user reviews can help you evaluate app performance in the real-world and analyze user suggestions that can improve your app’s functionality. Using these insights, you can release minor updates regularly to implement a cost-effective approach for retaining your user base. However, this entire procedure can be immensely complex without a maintenance strategy in place.

No app support

Android and iOS updates add new features and privacy options with every release. Newly introduced features can make your app more user-friendly and functional. For instance, Apple had introduced a 3D touch feature that can display additional options and navigation elements after long pressing on the screen. You can integrate this feature in your app to help users view important information by just long pressing on your app’s icon. However, incorporating such advanced features requires extensive knowledge of programming and various APIs. Hence, creating a mobile app maintenance contract with a mobile development firm becomes a necessity.

Ineffective app data security

Cybercriminals are constantly discovering new malware and security loopholes to exploit. To address these loopholes, operating systems such as Android and iOS release security patches regularly. Likewise, upgrading your app security on a regular basis is a must. Failing to do so, your mobile app may be vulnerable to a wide variety of cyber threats. Using cyber threats, hackers can gain access to sensitive user data and business data. Such data breach incidents have already affected multiple well-established businesses by compromising confidential user data and deteriorating the reputation of their brand. Also, hackers can now use modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to launch automated cyber attacks. Such advanced attacks can be executed autonomously and are harder to detect. Soon, these automated cyber attacks may affect mobile devices, violating app security and user privacy. Hence, delivering regular security updates can be extremely difficult without an effective maintenance strategy.

To create a mobile app maintenance contract, you can collaborate with a reputed mobile app development firm like Digital Fractal in Edmonton. The experts at Digital Fractal will help you develop customized mobile apps for your business and focus on app maintenance to help you deliver a robust and user-friendly experience.

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