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September 26, 2019

What Does Our Welding Parameter App Do?

Welding Parameter App

Welding is an important process carried out for building various structures, machines, and metal objects. It is imperative that welders are provided with digital assistance like mobile apps for carrying out welding procedures in an efficient manner. Welding parameter apps are designed to identify the welding parameters for the job, calculate the weld costs, look out for errors, and save the project file for further reference. Digital fractal’s welding parameter app helps you with the mentioned objectives above for welding to provide a hassle-free welding experience. Welding processes are varied; they require high precision, the correct choice of material, and an appropriate technique for welding. Even if one of the parameters goes wrong, the finished structure can end up being substandard or even unsafe. Our welding parameter app can help simplify the welding process by helping welders choose the correct parameters based on the welding requirement. Here’s a look at some of the salient features of our welding app.

Our Welding Parameter App Can Help You With….

Digital fractal’s welding parameter app has been designed considering all the standards set by the Canadian Welding Bureau. The app can help you carry out an efficient welding job by helping welders determine all the following parameters necessary for welding:

1) Determining the Current

Our welding parameter app can help choose the right amperage for the welding project. Welders usually refer to charts from welding machines and electrode manufacturers or a welding procedure specification (WPS) for their current settings. Our app can assist in determining the current required to ensure the perfect weld for every situation. This greatly helps in reducing the time spent in determining the right current settings from various sources. Different welding procedures like plug weld, slot weld, or groove weld require different amounts of electric current and our welding app can help determine the current according to the welding procedure.

2) Choosing the Length of the Arc

How close to the work plates the welder holds the arc of a wire can affect the amount of current and heat going into the joint. If the work plates are held too close to the work plates, the current and the heat in the weld remains high. If the work plates are held too far apart, not enough heat is generated to carry out the weld required. Our app can automatically calculate the heat input and the distance travelled by the wire arc. This helps to carry out the welding procedure accurately and efficiently.

3) Providing the Angle for Weld

There are two angles to be considered during the welding process. The first is the work angle, which is the angle between the torch and the joint. The second one is the travel angle, which is the angle between the torch and the line of travel. The work angle is usually 90 degrees, whereas the travel angle varies up to 10 degrees. Our welding parameter app can help determine the best angle to carry out the weld procedure for maximum efficiency. The welder can approximately adjust according to the angle calculated by our app, improving the efficiency of the weld. 

4) Determining the Movement

Manipulation refers to the movement of the welder during the welding process. A weave, whip, drag, or push motion are all examples of manipulation during the welding process. The movement of the welder plays an important role as it helps control heat and weld penetration. Improper movement can result in the welding job going wrong and having to redo it. The app gives detailed information as to at which speed the welder should move with the weld. The real-world application may vary according to the welder but can significantly improve the movement and manipulation for the weld.

5) Calculating the Speed of the Weld

Speed plays a crucial part in any welding procedure. If the welder moves too fast, the size of the weld will be small and result in insufficient penetration. Conversely, if the welder moves too slow, a lot of heat will be wasted, the process will become time-consuming, and the resulting weld would be fat and undesirable. Our app can help welders by calculating and providing the speed required for the weld. 

6) Generating Reports

Our app allows users to generate a report on the welding work. The report can save each and every bit of data regarding the different welding processes. This proves useful if similar work is required to be carried out in the future. The reports accumulated over various works can be synchronized on the report management system feature provided by our app. As the management system is web-based, the reports can be viewed on any internet device having our app with the same login credentials. The data can be reviewed, edited, and downloaded multiple times, allowing greater flexibility for data analysis and modification. The app also performs error checking based on welding parameters and captured data. This can help welders carry out future welding tasks with more precision and help save time and money. 

Our welding parameter app can hugely benefit professionals as well as the casual household welder. With its easy-to-use interface, it can be used by professionals or by a layman for the odd welding job at home. Even if the welder isn’t well versed with smartphones or technology in general, our welding app can be easily understood and used with its intuitive interface. If you’re looking for a demo or a more personalized consultation regarding our digital fractal welding parameter app, feel free to contact us.

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