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6 Reasons You Need to Ditch Excel for Construction Deficiency Management

Construction Deficiency Management

In the chaotic world of construction, numerous processes like planning, supervision, construction, and inspection for construction deficiencies are involved. All these processes are riddled with multiple intricacies. Construction companies generally manage such processes on excel or paper. The reports and documents created for these processes need to be sent and approved by several concerned parties. Due to such complexities, the ancient methods of excel and pen and paper management prove to be inefficient, tedious, and prone to countless errors. Therefore, software development firms in Edmonton have started developing construction deficiency management apps to address such issues. Construction deficiency management apps have proven to be effective in streamlining the entire process of construction deficiency management. Deploying construction deficiency management apps will benefit you in the following ways.

1. Pictures for identification

Pictures speak a thousand words! Taking pictures of construction deficiencies will point out the exact location of the defects. Plus, you can add more details by annotating the image with text and pen tools.

2. Reports for Analysis

Construction deficiency management involves various processes that generate multiple reports. Such reports contain vital data about the quality of construction and the deficiencies. And, supervisors and contractors receive these reports for approval. To make this process convenient, construction deficiency management apps enable you to send the reports to multiple concerned parties over the air for approval. Plus, reports can help in analyzing flaws in the construction methods, and create strategies to ensure better construction practices in the future.

3. Reminders for Interaction

Software development companies have added the feature of reminders to provide an interactive user interface to notify the concerned staff about the deficiencies. Scheduling timely reminders will increase overall accountability and productivity.

4. Communication Enhancement

A construction deficiency management app provides a platform to effortlessly communicate across the board. Anybody in software development or business process remodeling will tell you that having such an app will promote better communication among the contractors, supervisors and other construction staff. All the concerned parties will be connected and synchronized with each other, which will help in discussing deficiency repair procedures.

5. Progress Tracking

With a construction deficiency management app, tracking the progress of deficiency repairs becomes an easy task. The supervisors and other concerned parties can monitor the completed and pending repairs at a single glance.

6. Delegation of Resources

The most crucial task after identifying deficiencies is delegating the responsibilities of addressing the defects. Several people such as supervisors, workers, and contractors are involved in the process. Hence, a construction deficiency management app helps in delegating all the responsibilities to the relevant reliable parties.

Multiple software development companies are adding similar features to their app to ensure a productive approach to deficiency management. But, an existing app called Walkthru has already integrated these features and has a reputation for boosting overall construction site performance. If you are still looking for a more personalized app experience, you can reach out to experts in mobile app development and consultation at Digital Fractal in Edmonton.

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