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7 Features to Look Out for in a Job Board

Look Out for in a Job Board

In 2018, the job vacancy rate in Canada has hit record a high with over 300,000 vacancies. As a result, several employers are looking for right talent for their organization. Likewise, multiple job boards and online recruiters are trying to exploit the situation to drive more traffic onto their website. Therefore, the competition among several job boards is getting fierce.

Big players in recruitment are already dominating the market. Additionally, other industry giants such as Google have also entered the recruitment market with Google for Jobs where candidates can search and apply for jobs on Google itself. To sum up, the odds are stacked against small and medium job boards. Hence, software development firms in Vancouver, Ontario, Edmonton and other locations in Canada are building job boards need that are agile enough to adapt to market changes while delivering end-to-end job search platforms catering to requirements of candidates and employers. Such job boards have some excellent features that help them gain a competitive edge.

1. Automated Job Imports and Job Posting

Job boards have a tedious task of searching job vacancies on several recruiter websites and aggregating such vacancies to a centralized location. For this purpose, job boards can employ an in-house team. However, the in-house team has an additional task of updating job vacancies according to job postings on employer websites. Job postings on recruiter websites are updated as soon as the vacancies are filled or new vacancies are available. Hence, the in-house team has to monitor these changes and update job data accordingly. Such an approach for managing job data proves to be inefficient. To simplify such tasks, job boards can automate the entire process from searching vacancies to posting jobs. For this purpose, job boards can utilize web crawler that searches for jobs on various websites at specific intervals. The job data will be collected and stored in a centralized database and optimized with the help of XML job feeds to maintain consistency across the entire database. Also, crawler can track job vacancies on recruiter websites and update job data accordingly. Besides, job boards can also automate job postings on their job feed to ensure that the job board is always updated with latest jobs.

2. Job Search

Job seekers may have to go through an overwhelming number of job vacancies to find the right opportunities for professional growth. Hence, candidates prefer user-friendly job boards that simplify the job searching experience. For this purpose, software development firms can develop job boards that incorporate refined job search based on location, job description, and full time or part-time. Using such parameters, candidates can search for job opportunities based on their preferences. Additionally, job boards can categorize the job feed based on different industry sector to create a convenient job searching experience.

3. Application Screening

Recruiters have to go through hundreds of candidate applications during their search for suitable talent. Employers look for qualified and experienced candidates that would also adapt well to the organization’s work culture. However, recruiters fail to do so. According to a McKinsey report, around 82% of Fortune 500 executives don’t believe that they recruit talented people. To address such issues, job boards can incorporate ATS for screening candidate applications and selecting the most suitable ones. Also, modern technologies such as artificial intelligence can scan through all applications to speed up the screening process.

The rise of modern technologies such as AI, blockchain, and IoT has presented new professional opportunities for job seekers. Employers for these fields require candidates with niche skills. Finding such candidates is a complicated task since several candidates don’t have the required skills. In such instances, job boards can prove to be increasingly useful for recruiters. Job boards can deliver niche job postings to attract specific types of candidates. Candidate applications can be scanned using ATS or AI to pick the most appropriate candidate for recruiters.

4. Customization

Recruiters prefer to maintain consistency among job postings on their websites and job boards. To maintain such consistency, software development companies can create job boards that offer customization for recruiters and present job vacancies in a specific manner. Also, job boards can customize their own layout, fonts, and the overall look of their website to make it more user-friendly and visually appealing.

5. Job Notifications

Candidates can miss out on new vacancies while they are busy with multiple interviews. In this case, job boards can send email and text notifications to candidates for alerting them about new vacancies and accepted applications. Besides, job boards can also send alerts to recruiters about new candidate applications.

6. Multiple Resumes

Several millennials struggle while choosing the right career for them. Hence, job boards can offer an option to integrate multiple resumes for every candidate. Candidates can upload multiple resumes to improve their success rate and apply for different types of jobs. For example, a candidate who is an aspiring graphic designer and a software developer can create different resumes to apply for graphic designing and software development jobs.

7. Analytics

Every successful online business needs to use analytics to understand their website traffic and job boards are not an exception. Job boards require to collect monthly analytics to gain insights into their job board traffic. Software development companies can offer tools that help job boards utilize analytics and insights to understand their customers’ requirements. With the help of such insights, job board owners can create strategies to attract more traffic to their website.

To run a successful job board, the platform needs to be highly funtional and user-friendly for candidates as well as recruiters. However, creating such an advanced job board can be complicated due to multiple intricacies that are involved. Hence, it is always recommended to approach experts in software and app development. For this purpose, reach out to Digital Fractal in Edmonton to build a custom job board that delivers multiple features such as customization, automated job postings, job feed categorization, and many more.

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