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June 4, 2019
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No Idea How Much A Mobile App Maintenance Contract Costs? We’ll Fill You In.

Mobile App Maintenance

The market of mobile apps has become increasingly competitive with millions of available apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Also, the mobile app market is immensely profitably as it expected to generate revenue of US $189 billion by 2020. Hence, staying above the competition is a necessity for every business.

An effective method of gaining competitive advantage is offering a user-friendly and high-functioning app experience to your users. However, to provide such an experience, you need to ensure that your mobile app can meet user expectations after the release. For this purpose, you need to focus on mobile app maintenance and support. Mobile app maintenance and support are key tasks after releasing your app to the public, which can be performed using a mobile app maintenance contract. However, a mobile app maintenance contract can be an additional expense in your mobile app development budget. Hence, you need to evaluate the costs involved in mobile app maintenance while creating your budget.

Which Types of Maintenance Procedures Are Included in a Contract?

The following maintenance procedures are included in a mobile app maintenance contract:

App Updates

Mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS release new updates annually. Hence, you need to ensure that your app is compatible with newer software versions as well as check for backward compatibility for older versions. For this purpose, mobile app development firms have to integrate the latest software libraries, features, and APIs to their mobile app. However, this process can be increasingly complex as it requires expertise in multiple programming languages and the integration of multiple APIs. Hence, a mobile app maintenance contract can ensure that your app is compatible with the latest OS versions.

Bug Fixing

Users may encounter multiple bugs that are undiscovered during mobile app development. Such bugs that can negatively affect your revenue and the user experience. For example, while using a navigation app, a user may wish to access their saved places. However, a bug may interfere in the process of loading saved places and the app will show a pop-up alert that says, “Failed to load saved places.” Experiences like these can be increasingly inconvenient for any user. Hence, you need to constantly monitor your app and review user feedback to address such bugs. A mobile app maintenance contract can help you ensure that you can troubleshoot uncovered bugs and enhance user experience.

Data Backup

You might have noticed that after switching to a different device, every app you had installed on your previous smartphone gets restored automatically along with the app data. Only by logging in to your existing account, you can retrieve all your app data. For this purpose, mobile app development firms use local backups or cloud services. However, performing regular backups is a necessity. In case your app fails to back up data regularly, your users may find your app inconvenient. Also, app backups prove to be increasingly beneficial in the event of a cyber attack. In cyber threats such as ransomware, an attacker may encrypt all your app data and decrypt that data in exchange of a ransom. In such cases, you can effortlessly restore your data without paying any ransom to the attackers. A mobile app maintenance contract can help you back up your app data at regular intervals.


Detailed analytics help you measure your mobile app’s performance in the market. Mobile app analytics help you gain meaningful insights into the number of downloads, active users, usage behavior patterns, engagement, revenue and most used sections in the app. With the help of such insights, you can make informed decisions while creating mobile app development strategies. Mobile app development firms in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, and all over Canada offer mobile app analytics to clients who create a mobile app maintenance contract.

How Much Can a Mobile App Maintenance Contract Cost?

Generally, you can expect almost 10% to 20% of your mobile app development cost as your maintenance expense every year. However, the cost of a mobile app maintenance contract depends on different features and functionality that you have incorporated into your app. Features that require high-end servers, payment gateways, emergency maintenance, and push notifications can be an additional maintenance expense. Also, the structure of your contract may affect the cost based on whether your app support is scheduled monthly or as per necessity.

How Can Businesses Reduce Maintenance Costs?

Maintenance costs can be an additional expense for SMBs. Hence, such companies can take the following measures during mobile app development to reduce their maintenance costs:

Only Incorporate Essential Features

Research suggests that mobile users prefer to use features that are necessary and user-centric. Hence, you should focus on adding features that augment the core functionality of your app to improve user experience. In this manner, you can avoid spending the allocated mobile app development budget on unnecessary features and reduce maintenance costs.

Ensure That Your App Is Scalable

Your app needs to perform well on various devices and operating systems. For this purpose, you need to develop an app that is compatible with multiple hardware specifications such as screen resolution, processor, and RAM and operating systems such as Android and iOS. With this approach, you can ensure that your app is scalable across multiple devices.

Creating a mobile app maintenance contract can be a tedious task that involves multiple technicalities. Hence, collaborating with a mobile app development firm is always a feasible solution. You can reach out mobile app development firms like Digital Fractal in Edmonton to create a mobile app maintenance contract.