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June 5, 2020

Kickstarting Post Lockdown: Six App Features That Go Beyond Booking Management

Booking-Management App

The first blog discussed the overarching benefits of a booking management app. However, if you’re looking to leverage the app to its maximum potential, you shouldn’t restrict your app’s functionality to just booking management. Booking management apps can be further augmented with added features.

These additional features can help you provide better services to customers and prove highly beneficial to you as well. Here are five such features other than booking management and provide useful functionalities that help to manage your operations and services better.

1) In-app Messaging



With an in-app messaging service, you can easily communicate with your customers. You can seamlessly integrate the messaging service within the app in the form of chatbots to provide automated responses, or you can manually respond to customers’ queries. This feature will be beneficial as you would want to share important information with your customers at a moment’s notice. For instance, the rules regarding lockdowns are changing frequently, and a lockdown may be announced again. In such cases, you can convey information from your end regarding their appointments, such as rescheduling, cancellation, and refunds easily with the messaging feature.

A good practice would be to incorporate a chatbot that can take care of basic customer questions. Thus, you won’t have to spend time responding to every customer query manually, and instead focus on other tasks at hand. You can also have a message broadcast feature that sends out messages to a large number of customers with one click. This is helpful to quickly deliver information to your customers in a short amount of time.

2) Services Overview

Customers can be provided with information about your services seamlessly with the services overview feature within the booking management app. A service dashboard can display the list of services you offer and the rates charged for each. Thus, customers can easily select the type of service they want to avail with just a few taps. Even you as a service provider will have a clear understanding of the customer’s needs and can prepare in advance accordingly. This helps save time and improve customer experience. 

For instance, customers can select the type of hair treatments such as hair spa and the hair colour they want to get and select the same in the app. Thus, you can better prepare your staff and get your equipment ready for the same before the customer walks in. This also helps improve transparency between you and your customers and helps eliminate issues such as overcharging, as customers are provided with complete information on the booking management app itself.

3) Online Payments

Online Payments

Digital payments are already popular. With new health and safety guidelines, it is preferable to avoid the transfer of physical cash as a precautionary measure against the spread of COVID-19. By having a payment method built in, customers can easily pay for your services digitally. Customers can easily, quickly, and securely pay through their preferred online payment methods through a payment gateway. You can also have QR codes or contactless POS machines that accept contactless Apple pay or Samsung pay at your workplace that customers can easily use for payment purposes. Thus, the payment process is secure, quick, and hassle-free with online payment methods, especially if built within the app.

4) Customer Profiling

You can easily manage your customers’ data by organizing them in a database. This helps you in efficiently managing your customers, as their data is organized in a structured way. This feature proves helpful for returning clients. All the historical data can be arranged in an orderly manner and easily accessed for future appointments. This can significantly help medical professionals such as doctors and dentists. Having a digital database of their patients helps them get rid of physical paperwork. They can easily access their patient’s medical records and history in a structured manner and can prove useful with current and future procedures. 

For instance, dentists can easily access details regarding previous dental procedures performed on their patients, which can help them make better decisions. You can even have loyalty programs for your returning customers by easily identifying them through customer profiling.

5) Billing and Invoicing Documentation

You can have an overview of all financial documents in a single place with the billing and invoicing details feature. The financial documents can be arranged customer-wise, month-wise or service-wise, as per your preference. Thus, your financial transaction details can be arranged systematically within the booking management app and can help save time during auditing procedures. 

Similarly, customers, too, can easily have access to financial transactions. They can easily check the costs incurred on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. They can quickly produce the bills to the required authorities, say, in case of insurance claims. To sum it up, professionals and customers can easily access their transactional history with the billing and invoicing documentation feature.

6) Reminders

Professionals and customers can easily save their appointments in the calendar within the booking management app. With the reminders feature, automatic reminders, in the form of push notifications or emails, can be provided to both the parties. This helps professionals to better prepare in advance for the upcoming customer so that no time is wasted. Similarly, customers can be assured that they don’t miss out on appointments. 

A reminder feature is a must-have feature with a large number of people booking and availing services post lockdowns from salons, plumbers, and other technicians. Similarly, doctors can set reminders for their patients, such as reminders for taking medicines or carrying out other tasks, such as Yoga or exercise.

Businesses can ensure the success of their app by developing the app for multiple platforms and making it secure. Digital fractal can help develop your booking management app for iOS, Android, and desktop platforms. Thus, your app will be accessible to all your customers and help them connect with you easily. Feel free to contact us to know more about the booking management app and how you can benefit from it.