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Inject Technology into Your Billboards and Increase Brand Engagement by 17%


A new research by an Out-Of-Home (OOH) diligence body called Outsmart, states that 57% of people who engage with an OOH digital advertiser are new or relapsed customers. It suggests that people who have observed or even glanced at a digital OOH advert are 17% more prone to engage with the brand. These adverts or billboards that have been injected with technology are known to be digital signages.

Digital billboards incorporate technology transversed by various software development and computing means. These are quite a few types of software that enhance brand engagement through software development and management systems.

Dynamic Digital Signages

Out of those people who have seen a digital billboard, 47% of them will recall the advertisement with specifications. That’s the magnitude of visual impact a digital signage can have! Apart from having dynamic visuals, digital billboards have other advantageous opportunities like displaying responsive adverts, marketing, and branding.

Dynamic Digital Signages

A 3D Coke signage in Time Square was one such smart billboard with responsive abilities that gained the complete attention of the crowd on the busy street among all that traffic buzz.

Cross-Platform Targeting

Mobile devices are now upgraded with the latest technology of the information age to become ubiquitous. Such a high device adoption leads to the proliferation of dynamic display screens. With software development for the escalating growth of digital billboards, cross-platform targeting opportunities are achieved.

Using technologies like beacons for more accurate geo-fencing capabilities can enhance customer interactions to be eminent via digital signages. Lately, beacons are being used in responsive facial recognition digital OOH billboards for branding and marketing.

Location-Based Messaging

In urbanized cities, people are spending more time in transits and daily commutes. There are technologies with web-based software for moving billboard advertistment management systems for taxi-top screen billboards. Some location and time advertising technology providers enable a brand to manage and generate their own geo-targeted advertising network on taxi-top screens.

Digital Audio Advertising

Programmatic software development in digital OOH has initiated many interactive and mobile advertising campaigns to generate deeper connections with viewers. Technology has evolved into adopting digital audio inventories with responsive screens to enhance customer experience.

Using this software, advertisers can access cross-platform integrations to popular audio services like SoundCloud. This benefits the advertisers to blend audio to their display and video billboard advertisements. It offers personalized audio advertising opportunities.

Cloud-Based System

DigiStreamView is a web-based digital billboard management system that is designed for mobile digital screen adverts. Digital Fractal Technologies has designed an electronic control box that utilizes GPS signals to share servers through the internet. The embedded micro-controller displays the downloaded image or video onto the LED screen through the cloud-based system.

Digital Fractal Technologies is an Edmonton based app development company that has experience in location-based marketing systems for billboard advertising. Our billboard advertising management system has a map-based interface to draw geo-fences and schedule advertisements. Contact us to create and manage a fleet of billboard advertisements.

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