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If You Have One of These Businesses, You Should Consider Location-Based Apps

Location-Based Apps

Since the dawn of advanced GPS technology, online mapping apps have become a necessity in our lives for navigation and transportation services. So much so that basketball legend-turned-tech investor Shaquille O’Neil has invested in the Steady app, which finds financial opportunities for on-demand and part-time workers based on their location, availability, and interests.

Social media and dating platforms generally use location-based mobile apps for check-ins and meeting nearby people. Likewise, businesses can leverage the power of online mapping apps to promote an efficient work culture and provide better services for their customers.

Do You Own Any of These Businesses?

Various organizations are investing in mobile apps that enable GIS mapping and location tracking. Such businesses use GPS technology to find the location of the users and employees for different purposes. You need to consider deploying location-based apps if you own any one of the following businesses:

Courier Services

Courier services receive and deliver packages for business and personal use. So, you can use online mapping apps for your courier service to track the location of the packages and assign free drivers for delivery work. Businesses and customers can use these apps for timely updates about their delivery.

Food Delivery Services

Food delivery services such as Uber Eats, Foodora, and SkipTheDishes use online mapping apps to find restaurants that can deliver food and drinks. Customers use such apps to obtain live updates about their order and the expected delivery time. Plus, similar services can also find restaurants near you with the menu and book a table for you.

Supply Chain Management

Businesses in the logistics sector send and receive huge shipments full of products. Therefore, such organizations can track their shipments with the help of mobile apps or IoT sensors. Location-based apps also help in calculating the ETA for the shipment.

Cab Services

By this time, we have all heard about how online ride-sharing services are taking away taxi driver jobs. Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft use GIS mapping to find your location and suggest cabs near you. Plus, online cab services have integrated Google Maps in their apps for precise and hands-free navigation.


Retail chains like Ikea and Target have location-based mobile apps that find their stores near you. Retail stores utilize online mapping apps to schedule deliveries for the customers based on their location.

Travel and Tourism

Many travelers book hotels and flight tickets with travel and tourism apps. Travel and tourism companies use GPS coordinates to suggest nearby tourist hotspots on the fly. Plus, travel apps come in handy for last minute hotel bookings.


With the rise of e-wallets and online payment alternatives, digital purchases have increased exponentially. In April 2018, e-commerce sales in Canada have been recorded to be $1.3 billion, and the sector has risen at the rate of 8.8%. Hence, e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay have invested in mobile apps that find out whether a product can be delivered to your area. Users, too, can track their deliveries with location-based e-commerce apps.

Home Maintenance

Various home maintenance solutions provide services like pest control, cleaning, gardening, plumbing, and many more. Customers book their services using mobile apps that use GPS to schedule repair tasks and other services based on the customer’s location.

In the competitive market, small and medium business owners can leverage advanced technologies such as GPS tracking to gain a competitive edge. New apps are developed every day, and companies need to look out for apps that can benefit their businesses. Alternatively, business owners can contact experts in mobile app development who can help you create your own app at a reasonable price.

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