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Google Fit vs Apple’s Health Kit

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Fitness tracking has now become the hottest trending application nowadays and with Google and Apple releasing fitness tracking hubs on their phones, tablets etc. Today was also the opening of Apple Watch’s app store.

The question is now how these new applications function and which one is better. This article will be placing the features of the health applications on this device against each other.


The way Google Fit is created, is just what you would want from Android 5.0 Lollipop application. Its features include flat, bright colors, cool animations which all meet the Google’s Material Design philosophy. This allows users the ability to swipe between hours of activity and steps, with activities which include running, biking etc. Also setting of goals can be done by users and if the goals are achieved, there is a small animation to reward them.

The Health application of Apple has taken the display portion a little bit more advanced. Its design gives users the access to measure different metrics on the same screen, with metrics including things like the intake of alcohol and quality of sleep.

Data Control

Prior to the advent of Google Fit, there was no recognized way on how fitness and health data were handled on android devices but now that there is, it remains easy to access which means that other developers can now use the standard to develop their own applications.

A little bit of strictness is applied in the case of Apple though. Apple Health gives room for users to view the information collected from other applications with their users input.

Therefore, in terms of Data control, both are not that different in that they both centralize health data which in turn allows other apps to take full advantage of it.


From what we have seen so far, it shows that there is no outright winner. Though it is nice that Apple has an extensive way of viewing health, but it will not work with Android Wear devices and this might be a disadvantage for someone who is not ready to wait for the Apple Watch or doesn’t like its design.

A lot more devices with Google Fit gets more support from Google but its data do not go in-depth. So for people who are in need of tracking their steps as well as the option of selecting other metrics manually, then Google Fit is the best platform for you. However, for people who want to view their information on the fly, Apple Health Kit is the best choice.


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