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5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

Mobile Apps

With the proliferation of mobile apps – for shopping to dating, news to queries, business to pleasure – we are also seeing more and more apps that have little or no value. With app retention rates going as low as 4% after 90 days, a mobile app that is about to be launched should be up to the mark, or else no one is going to pay any heed to it.

So, what do you do to make an app that people actually want to use? That’s a difficult question to answer. What, we can tell you is what not to do. There are patterns that point to why the iOS or Android mobile apps that fail, fail. Keep these reasons in mind when you’re developing your own app and you’ll strongly increase your app’s chances of survival.

1) Lack of Marketing

Let’s say you are ready with your iOS or Android mobile apps and all prepared for the launch. That’s great, but if you don’t have a proper post-launch marketing plan, then there is a high chance of failure of the app product. Therefore, there should be a well-researched marketing plan so that the app is able to reach as many people as possible.

2) Lack of Originality

If you develop an app which is similar to something that has already been launched in the market and thus lacks originality, people will obviously not prefer to invest their time on something that has already been tried and tested. So, in order to expect a higher rate of success for iOS or Android mobile apps, one must make the app look as unique as possible.

3) Lack of Upgradation

Once your app is launched in the market, and it has turned out to be a successful product, it is still necessary for you to update your app on a regular basis. If the app is not updated on a regular basis, there is a good possibility of its users losing their interest in the app. So, upgradation of the app is a must for continuous engagement of the users. For instance, PUBG Mobile, the most popular gaming app currently, has users waiting eagerly for its upgradation, even though it gets updated quite often. If that’s high, the demand of the app is.

4) Technical Glitches

It is mandatory for a developer to keep track of his app on a regular basis because even a slightest technical glitch associated with the app can lose a large number of users. So, the developer must keep a check on the performance statistics related to the app and can also suggest it’s users to report any technical issues, if found.

5) Too Many Ads

Ad-enabled apps are all okay until they start distracting the users. So there should be a limit on the number of ads on the app so that it does not turn out to be too annoying for the users.

Even a small issue related to the app can turn out to be a huge loss for brands and, in turn, result in a higher rate of failure for the app product. In order to know more about mobile app development and to avail Digital Fractal services, you can get in touch with us anytime.