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5 Digital Technologies Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

Digital Technologies

The construction industry is facing many challenges. Indirectly, they are working as a catalyst for the adoption of digital technologies. Construction companies are increasingly using digital technologies to mitigate the issues faced. One such challenge the construction industry faces is the migration of people from rural areas to metropolitan cities in recent years. This has increased the workload of construction companies to develop more and more real-estate infrastructure in limited spaces in a limited time. On top of that, the construction sector is seeing a shortage of labour. Construction companies are finding it difficult to find employees for construction purposes. Even if they do find employees, the labourers are unskilled, and a lot of time is wasted in training. 

To sum it up, the construction industry is facing a shortage of time for completing construction activities. However, digital technologies are helping the construction industry by helping speed up operations. We at Digital Fractal technologies have collated a list of digital technologies that are benefitting the construction industry. So, here’s a look at five such digital technologies that are revolutionizing the construction industry.

Digital Technologies

1) Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can help with designing and planning procedures. With generative design, hundreds of 3D models of buildings and other construction can be created in a short period of time. Artificial intelligence can automatically create these designs by analyzing various parameters such as the space available, the government regulations, and the number of flats to be built. Artificial intelligence tools can not only create structural models but can be used for designing the plumbing, electrical, and mechanical components of the structure. Digital Fractal technologies can help create and deploy artificial intelligence solutions for your organization.

2) Computer Vision

Computer vision solutions find multiple applications in the construction industry. They can be used primarily for site monitoring purposes. Computer vision solutions enable remote monitoring of construction sites, ensuring that senior management can keep track of daily activities without having to physically visit the site.

Computer vision can also be used for recording the attendance of workers. This can be done through biometric scanners, RFID tags, or facial recognition devices, which can help identify employees that have reported to work. Digital fractal technologies can help with the deployment of multiple forms of computer vision tools for your construction site.

Computer vision can also help meet the required safety compliances. It can help identify whether employees are taking the required safety precautions on-site. It can help detect the absence of safety equipment such as hard hats and safety shoes and alert higher authorities.

3) Robotics

Robots, in the form of humanoid robots, can be used to carry out or assist human employees with construction activities. They can be utilized for purposes such as placing bricks, laying mortar, or working with other construction materials. These robots can carry out tasks with high precision. Thus, they result in being an excellent labour choice. 

Robots can also be used in other forms for different purposes. Robots in the form of drones can be used for aerial surveys of sites. They can be used to capture high-resolution images or videos of the construction site, which can be used for planning and design purposes. They can also be used throughout the construction cycle to monitor activities on a daily basis. Another advantage of using drones is that they reduce the cost involved in surveying purposes while providing increased safety. Digital fractal technologies can help with the development of robotics solutions as per your requirements.

4) Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can be used to overlay additional information on real-world elements. It can prove to be a great marketing tool. It can provide an engaging and immersive experience for potential buyers. With augmented reality, customers can be shown the end-product during the construction phase. Customers will have a detailed idea about projects, and this can help increase sales.

Augmented reality can also be used to improve safety standards at construction sites. Augmented reality solutions can be used to provide safety training for workers off-site. These devices can simulate real-world scenarios and help employees with training without putting their lives at risk. Similarly, when used on-site, augmented reality tools can help employees navigate complicated areas of the site easily by providing them step-by-step directions and also help recognize serious situations quickly.

Additionally, augmented reality can also be used for inspection purposes. Devices such as ThirdEye smart glasses help employees with remote assistance and on-site inspection works to help save time, cost, and human resources.

5) Mobility Solutions

All the technologies mentioned above can easily be leveraged through a mobile app. With mobile apps, you introduce mobility to your organization. This means these technologies can be used anytime, anywhere, at your fingertips. Mobile apps bring the ability to monitor construction activities remotely in real-time. You can easily access, share, and edit project-related information with team members and senior management with mobile apps. And with cross-platform support, employees can easily use these apps on any smartphone platform such as iOS and Android. However, you must also ensure that you have a mobile app maintenance contract, too, to keep improving the workability and benefits of mobile solutions. Digital fractal technologies can provide mobile app development and maintenance services to take care of your mobile apps needs.

Digital Technologies Revolutionizing

The influx of these technologies can help transform the construction sector immensely. It can guarantee growth in every aspect of the industry. Right from simplifying operations to improving safety standards, which has been a serious challenge for the construction industry, technology can significantly upgrade construction activities. We at Digital Fractal technologies can develop customized solutions for your business, leveraging one or a combination of technologies to transform your business. To know more, feel free to contact us.