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May 7, 2020
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May 15, 2020

5 AI Use Cases for Construction Companies

AI Solutions for Construction

The construction industry in Canada is expected to have a meagre growth of only 0.5% in 2020. However, this number is expected to decrease further due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has brought the world to a standstill. And even when the situation gets better, it will take months or even years for the construction sector to get back on track. Construction companies are, in addition to taking other measures, investing in advanced hardware and software applications that use technologies such as artificial intelligence to accelerate their growth and get things back to normal as soon as possible. Digital fractal can help develop AI solutions for construction companies. These AI solutions can help construction companies to streamline their operations, resulting in high productivity, reduced losses, and maximized profits. Digital fractal’s AI solutions can help in the following areas:

AI Solutions for Construction

Building Design

AI tools can be used for generative design. An AI generative design tool can automatically generate and evaluate hundreds of 3D designs of structures in a short period. It can then suggest to architects and designers the best structural models for the given plan. The AI tool can even be used to analyze and compare multiple designs from various architectural teams and help provide meaningful feedback and insights, such as which design has the proper utilization of space. Architects can even utilize an AI for 3D generative models of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components of the structure. Thus, AI tools can be used for generative design purposes for every component of the structure, thereby providing complete design solutions. Business leaders can then choose the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing design and go ahead with the project.

Planning and Management

AI tools can help construction companies in project planning, budgeting, and scheduling. An artificial intelligence tool can analyze project data to predict the time, costs, and human resources required for completing individual tasks. It can also allocate resources and financial budgets according to the tasks. Thus, the project planning task can be easily handled by artificial intelligence solutions. Similarly, AI tools can also help with project management. With the ability to monitor the progress of the project in real-time, AI tools can help stop projects from running into delays. It can provide a detailed report of the work completed during a day in comparison to the actual work planned. It can even suggest recommendations to get the project back on track, such as re-allocation or increment of resources for the task that is falling behind.

Worker Safety

It is no secret that the construction sector is prone to a large number of workplace accidents, some of which can turn fatal. The use of AI tools can help improve the safety standards at construction sites, helping save medical expenses incurred and even potential lives lost in workplace accidents. For instance, computer vision and artificial intelligence tools can be used to continuously monitor construction sites to ensure that the applicable employee safety regulations are complied with. These tools can help identify whether employees are taking the required safety precautions or not. They can help detect the presence or absence of safety hats, safety shoes, eye protection gear, or safety harness that employees are required to wear while carrying out work procedures. Artificial intelligence tools can be programmed to alert the appropriate authorities if it detects any lapses in security measures. It can automatically send vital information such as the name of the employee and the place the employee is currently working at to ensure that the authorities can take swift action.

Additionally, artificial intelligence solutions can be used to analyze other conditions at the construction site that might pose a threat to the safety of workers. They can help detect the presence of uncovered wires or equipment kept at random places at the construction site that might cause accidents or even the presence of deformities in the structure such as cracks and bends. Digital fractal can help develop artificial intelligence solutions for construction companies that can ensure that the highest standards of worker safety are met.

Quality Control

Buildings and other constructions become prone to premature deterioration over time if construction workers and contractors don’t carry out the construction activities as per the required quality. They usually tend to use cheap materials to save costs if construction activities are not monitored regularly by the concerned authorities. Artificial intelligence gives organization leaders the ability to monitor work at the construction site remotely round the clock. Artificial intelligence tools with computer vision technology can help identify whether the required quality and quantity of materials are used in the construction process. It can also help identify other inconsistencies such as the construction team not carrying out activities as per the plan. For example, artificial intelligence can help identify if the formwork is removed before the required time or whether beams and columns are cured properly or not. Digital fractal can develop solutions that can ensure that quality standards are never compromised at your construction site.

Budget Forecasting and Expense Control

Artificial intelligence can help ensure that the project is completed as per budget. Predictive analysis can help determine the cost of the project based on historical and current data. Factors such as the project size, the type of construction, and the material and labor requirements can be analyzed by artificial intelligence tools to predict the cost of the construction. It can provide a highly accurate prediction of costs that might be incurred in the project. Additionally, with real-time analysis, the artificial intelligence solution can help avoid cost overruns. The tool can alert the concerned authorities if any expenditure is going overboard than what it was estimated. Thus, authorities can intervene quickly and find solutions to stop expenses from going haywire, which can affect the profitability of the project.

Implementing AI solutions can help construction companies significantly. However, the development and deployment of AI tools can become complicated. Digital fractal can help create customized AI solutions according to your business needs. Digital fractal can help create desktop as well as mobile solutions for Android or iOS, depending on the requirement so that you can keep track of every aspect of your business 24×7 from wherever you are.