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8 Features Every Trucking App Should Have

Trucking App Features

Truck drivers are essential resources for transportation and logistics industries. Truckers ensure that every delivery is picked up and dropped as per schedule on a daily basis. However, truck drivers face some significant issues such as traffic congestions, changing fuel prices, and terrible weather during driving. To address these issues, app developers in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, and all over Canada are developing smartphone apps for truckers. Such apps offer high-end features that can make every trucker’s life a bit easier.

1. Navigation

Almost every smartphone has an inbuilt navigation app. However, truckers require relevant information about locations such as weigh stations, truck washes, truck stops, and gas stations. These locations can be displayed in a trucking app to help truckers in finding necessary facilities. In addition to these locations, trucker-centric navigation can offer directions to the desired destination. This navigation feature can also send real-time alerts about congestions and suggest alternate routes to help truckers avoid delays caused due to traffic. Also, truck drivers can change destinations or select a different route with the help of voice control to avoid using their smartphone while driving.

2. Fuel Prices

Fuel prices in Canada are constantly changing every month and vary according to geographic location. Hence, finding fuel at reasonable prices can be a daunting task for truck drivers. To address this issue, an app developer can include a feature that offers nationwide fuel prices. With this feature, truck drivers can access a price map, fuel price charts, and trip cost calculator for traveling to a specific gas station. Additionally, truckers can pay via mobile apps and receive cash back or discounts on certain purchases. With such features, truck drivers can access up-to-date gas prices in real-time. Also, an app developer can crowdsource data for gas prices by offering incentives such as discounts on prices or free gas.

3. Weather

An app for truckers can offer precise seven-day forecasts and detailed weather maps. With such weather information, truck drivers can monitor current and future weather conditions. Using this data, truck drivers can stay updated about weather conditions and areas that can be affected by terrible weather. Based on such data, truck drivers can plan to take routes that can avoid geographical locations that will be severely affected by bad weather. For integrating this feature, an app developer can collect data from the Canadian government’s weather monitoring systems and other reliable sources.

4. Time Tracking

An essential feature that can be included in a trucking app is time tracking. To integrate this feature, an app developer can include a digital logbook that can be effortlessly accessed and updated by drivers and operators. This feature can track service hours of every driver and calculate working times accordingly. Also, the time tracking feature can send notifications in case of any errors and violations with work regulations. With this feature, businesses can avoid fines related to violating regulations regarding long work hours.

5. Schedule Management

A truck driver’s life can be quite busy and they may forget about certain responsibilities. To address this challenge, an app developer can integrate a schedule management feature, where a trucker can create daily schedules to complete multiple necessary tasks. In addition to a schedule, a trucking app can also enable truckers to create to-do lists, set up reminders, and share tasks with colleagues and family members. By using this feature, truck drivers can effortlessly manage various daily responsibilities.

6. Documentation

Truck drivers have to keep track of multiple documents such as paperwork and receipts on a daily basis. However, storing and managing every document manually can be incredibly complicated. As an alternative, truckers can use an app that scans documents and receipts and store them on their smartphone. With this feature, truck drivers can also instantly share necessary documents with concerned parties. In this manner, truck drivers and operators can effortlessly keep track all necessary paperwork and receipts.

7. Automated Responses

According to statistics, almost 26% of all car crashes involve hands-on or hands-free phone use. Similarly, using smartphones can be immensely dangerous for truck drivers. Hence, an app developer can incorporate a feature that can get rid of all smartphone distractions and mute messages and phone calls. Instead of personally responding to every phone call and message, this feature can allow truckers to send automated responses such as, “I’m driving.” Also, the automated response feature can enable truck drivers to create custom responses. For instance, a truck driver can create a response that says, “I can’t talk right now as I’m driving. I will call or message you at 5.30 pm.” With this feature, truck drivers will no longer require to interact with their smartphone while driving.

8. Rest Stops

Finding rest stops with inexpensive rates can be a complex task for truck drivers. To assist truckers in finding rest stops, an app developer can incorporate a feature that creates an online database of every available rest stop and hotel booking website. Using this feature, truckers can search for different types of rest stops throughout the country and compare deals offered by different hotel booking sites. This feature can assist truckers in finding rest stops that offer various services like laundry, gym, and showers. Additionally, this feature can guide truckers to a selected rest stop using GPS-based navigation.

These trucking app features can simplify documentation, make the commute safer, and find accommodation for truck drivers. However, there is no currently existing app that includes all of these features in one package, forcing truck drivers to install multiple apps. Hence, businesses may have to develop their own apps that include every necessary feature. But, developing such apps can be immensely complicated due to technicalities like budget creation, programming, testing, operating system compatibility, and maintenance. To address such issues, businesses can reach out to an app developer at Digital Fractal in Edmonton. The experts at Digital Fractal can develop high-end customized mobile apps for any business.

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