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Coping With COVID-19: How Digitization Is Enabling Communication and Collaboration

Web Based Apps

The current COVID 19 pandemic has entire cities under lockdown and has forced individuals to work from their homes. Thus, professional communication and collaboration can become an issue as individuals can’t meet at their office spaces and have discussions in person. Large organizations will have a greater challenge in this regard as they comprise teams with a large number of employees. However, digitization is helping close this communication gap. Individuals can communicate and collaborate with each other in almost the same manner as they would in their office with the help of digital tools. Some of the ways digitization, in the form of web based apps, is enabling communication and collaboration during this global pandemic are:

Remote Meetings

Businesses are able to organize remote meetings over digital communication channels. These meetings can be held over an audio or video call. For instance, Zoom provides an excellent tool for professionals to communicate with others over audio and video calls. With the screen sharing feature, individuals can easily share their desktop screen which eases the communication process as individuals on the other end can easily access and see changes in real time. You can either use Zoom or other similar web based apps or have a similar customized collaboration tool for your organization that can take complete care of your communication and collaboration needs.

Businesses are also using collaboration tools that enable multiple employees to work together on a single project and be updated about the progress in real-time. For example, Google’s G-suite is enabling professionals to collaborate with each other for documents, spreadsheets, and presentations related tasks. These apps enable multiple individuals to work together by allowing individuals to post comments and suggestions that can be viewed by others in real-time. Thus, team members can take appropriate actions based on the suggestions provided by their team leaders and managers efficiently.

Project Management Apps

Web based apps for project management are enabling business leaders to assign projects and roles to their employees. Leaders can even assign stipulated time frames to complete these tasks. They can break the task into smaller tasks or stages and then monitor the progress in real-time. These apps can be designed to share information with the entire team or with individual employees. However, teams should have complete access to group tasks for better collaboration. Individuals can see the progress of other team members in real-time. They can ask and get their doubts clarified by their team members or managers. Thus, the project can be completed on time as project management apps help improve collaboration between individuals. You can get a customized project management app that can help in efficient project management based on your organization’s needs and operations.

Entertainment Apps

Employees deserve short, quick breaks during working hours. This time can be utilized to ease work pressure a bit. Employees can enjoy a song or two or watch some funny clips at that time. Certain job positions even allow individuals to listen to music while working. And all these media is entirely accessed in a digital medium nowadays. Streaming apps are getting popular among people as they don’t take up space on your device and provides access to billions of songs and videos. As humans, we like to share things we love with other people. Similarly, we share our favourite songs and videos with friends and colleagues at the workplace. When working remotely, streaming apps can become a great tool for sharing our likes. A song that we love can be instantly shared with people at a click of a button. Similarly, individuals can tag others in a funny cat video or a prank video they found online on Facebook or Instagram. Thus, no matter how far, individuals can share digital content with each other and help with communication.

Cloud-based Collaboration

Digital collaboration and communication tools can leverage cloud computing. With cloud computing, the data is accessible by multiple users. Some of the popular cloud-based apps businesses can leverage are Google G-Suite, Dropbox, and Adobe Creative Cloud. Teams can work together on the files stored on the cloud and make and see changes and modifications in real-time. However, using web based apps with private cloud services is more beneficial as the data will be stored privately and will be more secure than sharing it with third-party apps. The resources required for cloud computing services can be determined by your needs and should be chosen accordingly.

Secure Channels

Web based communication tools are helping employees work, communicate, and collaborate securely. Collaboration tools having secure login functionality ensure that your business data will be accessed only by authorized individuals. The security features can be in the form of biometric logins such as fingerprints, numeric passwords, encryptions, or OTP services that ensures only your trusted employees have access to confidential data. Similarly, location trackers are helping business leaders to determine the location of the employees in the current situation. This feature also adds an extra layer of security as the system can notify business leaders if login information doesn’t match with the data provided by the employee or the location data of the employee is unusual or suspicious. For example, you can have customized web based apps that grant access to employees only after verifying the above-mentioned security checks. Similarly, organizations are able to store their data on secure cloud services to thwart cyberattacks. Business leaders can even restrict user access such as file download and local storage to increase their data security levels.

The COVID-19 pandemic has temporarily changed the way we work. However, digital tools provide a permanent solution for your organization’s communication and collaboration needs. These tools not only are helping in the current situation but can also prove highly beneficial when things get back to normal. Digitization can enhance communication and collaboration between teams working in different schedules and better help connect team members working offsite or remotely with their office colleagues. To get a digital tool for your organization, feel free to contact us.