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Clocking Employees In and Out Using Location Services: Why You Need This Now!

Using Location Services

Everyone knows that productive employees are a necessity for any successful business. But, employees cannot be efficient every day. Statistics have suggested that productivity of Canadian labour is growing at a slow rate. Employee productivity is affected due to multiple factors such as long travel, poor health, festivals and family occasions such as weddings, or taking care of elderly family members. But, productivity standards are constantly changing. Traditionally, people with severe illnesses or pregnant women were incapable of checking-in to work. However, with the advent of digital technologies such as GPS, employees can work remotely from their home or any other location. With online mapping apps, employees can clock-in and out of work using GPS-enabled devices such as smartphones. Businesses can deploy online mapping apps for several other benefits.

Checking Employee Attendance

One of the primary functions of online mapping apps is tracking employee attendance. Employees can clock-in while entering the workplace and clock out while leaving. Such apps can accurately track employee location with the help of GPS to monitor when employees are in the workplace. Online mapping apps can also be customized for every employee based on their shift timings. When employees leave the office for lunch or smoke breaks, the app will alert employees and pause location tracking. Also, employees can set their own break timings and receive notifications when they exceed their selected time interval. Such online mapping apps are especially useful for working remotely where employees can check-in to work instead of taking a leave.

Monitoring Sales Representatives

Sales representatives spend a majority of their time on the field. In such scenarios, businesses are unable to track the whereabouts of their sales representatives or figure out whether they spend their most of their time travelling or making sales. In this scenario, online mapping apps can prove to be a feasible solution. Travelling sales personnel can start the app to log their work hours and location information. Such employee data will be synced with organization’s system to help track work hours of their sales representatives.

Overseeing Client Meetings

Several employees have to visit client sites on multiple occasions for discussing business. For such employees, visiting the workplace only to check-in to work before leaving for client meeting can be extremely time-consuming. Sometimes, client sites may be far from the workplace. In addition to the distance, traffic is a major concern for commuters as an average Canadian spends around 27 hours in congestion during peak hours. However, organizations can deploy online mapping apps to help employees save time during client meetings. Employees can easily check-in to work using online mapping apps.

Tracking Delivery Personnel

Businesses that employ delivery personnel have a crucial task of monitoring the efficiency of their delivery staff. With a traditional approach, delivery personnel may have to visit the office every day for checking-in to work before leaving for deliveries. Such an approach is inefficient for delivery workers as they can rather utilize their time on delivery tasks. To address this issue, businesses can instruct their delivery staff to install online mapping apps for checking-in as soon as they start delivery work. For instance, multiple food delivery services use GPS-enabled mobile apps that offer location-based attendance systems to monitor the productivity of their delivery personnel.

Eliminating Manual Entries

Several workplaces still use software such as Microsoft Excel to maintain attendance records of their employees. In the age of automation, manually entering employee attendance information and maintaining the log of such information is outdated and time-consuming. With online mapping apps, employee attendance will be automatically updated on a centralized system. Besides, online mapping apps will accurately monitor work hours and eliminate the need for timesheets. Using such an approach, HR executives can gain precise data about employee performance while calculating payroll. Also, online mapping apps eliminate labour-intensive approach reducing administrative expenses.

Improving Productivity

Business owners and HR executives can easily track work hours of every employee with the help of location-based apps. Leveraging such aggregated data, project managers can understand how much time employees have spent on specific projects and evaluate profitability accordingly. Also, employees can access the same system to track their own performance. By observing performance data on a monthly basis, employees may be motivated to improve their productivity and performance.

Enhancing Employee Delegation

With the data collected by online mapping apps, project managers and department heads can analyze work patterns of their employees. Project managers can make informed decisions while delegating employees for certain projects. For example, in a content marketing agency, if a project manager finds out that an employee ‘X’ can completed projects such as creating infographics more efficiently compared to writing blogs, then the project manager can delegate writing jobs to other employees or decide to assign more writing tasks to that employee for improving their performance.

Applying Geo-Restrictions

Organizations can set up geo-restrictions that enable employee check-ins only from specific locations. For example, an organization can specify certain locations such as client sites and home addresses in online mapping apps. With such geo-restrictions, employees can only clock-in to work from preprogrammed locations.

The adoption of online mapping apps may concern certain employees regarding their privacy. Therefore, organizations must utilize such apps only during work hours and ensure that the app will not track location in the background after employees have clocked-out. To create a custom online mapping app that offers multiple features without violating employee privacy, businesses can reach out to Digital Fractal in Edmonton.

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