April 6, 2017

Manufacturing Forms and Checklist Management

During the manufacturing process there are a large amount of forms and checklists that need to be filled out by some and verified by others. This process is in many cases, completed using pen and paper. Documents are prone to being lost, damaged, misfiled or simply become illegible over time. The other downside to paper forms is that the content of the document is not searchable and can not be easily analyzed and generating reports on the content can become tedious and complicated.

Our mobile app based platform allows you to import forms that you are already use – the same way it looks on paper, it will look digitally. You are able to capture the data stored in the fields with ease and┬áhave the ability to share the same document with multiple parties and even have an inspector sign off on and finalize a document on the go. The biggest inefficiency in most┬ácompanies are the actual man-hours it takes for staff to properly complete documentation and submit it – eliminate that wasted time and maximize not only your profits, but the time of your workers.

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