iBeacons vs. Eddystone: Which One to Use in Mobile App Development Projects

First announced by Apple in 2013, iBeacons are a beacon format that allows a Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) device to interact natively with iOS apps, and to interact similarly with Android apps as well. Google did not announce their own format, called Eddystone, until 2015. Though a relative latecomer to the world of beacons, the Eddystone[…]

What is Enterprise Apps Mobile Data Management (MDM)?

As portable “smart” devices become more powerful over time, and more businesses are employing mobile-based enterprise applications for company use, the management of these devices is paramount. Mobile Data Management tools can create the infrastructure needed to ensure both security and efficiency for employees that use these devices, and help decrease the ever-growing burden on[…]

Mobile App UI (User Interface) vs UX (User Experience)

Although these two terms are often used interchangeably when discussing mobile app (or other types of app or website) development, there is an important distinction between the two. UI stands for User Interface. In short, the UI is the system through which the user of your app or website will be able to interact with[…]

Mobile Advertising Networks for Your Mobile Apps

As discussed in our first post on mobile advertising, the role of the mobile ad network has evolved over time, with the result being that most of the major network offer much the same service in terms of mediation between multiple ad networks, fill rates, eCPM (effective cost per mille / thousand), and provide most[…]

How Much Will It Cost to Develop My Mobile App?

Any company that develops mobile applications will tell you that the question asked most frequently by clients is the trickiest one to answer: how much will the creation of a mobile app cost? Although we’ve already touched on a lot of the factors that can affect the relative cost of development, we will explore the[…]

What is Mobile Ad Mediation & How to Advertise in the Mobile World

As more and more advertisers are increasing their budgets for mobile advertisement (which is fast becoming the largest advertising medium for many large companies), many mobile ad networks are showing up in the marketplace, and are changing the way they operate to better meet the needs of both the companies buying mobile ad space (advertisers),[…]